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The D.D:.8. 20th CORPS Informed me that he had about 300 orarely led easgatet unable to ovouste to IKARA. Here are more Blandrats, Stretchore and Pyja...

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.zenexts....ei...heppenings....on...O'i'A!m...petml._..mhe....p.strnl...waa...sppax-. Iently ambushed at WA 7111886 whilst still in a meter lame. 'and all members of the All] ..... personnel concerned.' In this respect liaison xvi ll be established b

Feb 3, 1975 - Monmover'ooarci recovery. Hearing line transfer (2). @3011 '15 - STATQQNS MID QUIETERS. 26th - Action, Emergency and Leaving Ship Stations. DAT-WGE CONTROL. 26th - Exercised Fire Engine Room. EAQHINGQ. 2nd - S.W. Slip Lombrnm. Total bea

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group the papers by appendices. b. Supplementary diaries ... comMANDING OFFICER. Maj. Jºe. BIRP. Annex letter and enclosure number. Place and grid. Date - - -- reference ale Time Event or information ... yung TAU. ... PRECEDENCE – ACTION | PRECEDE

HEADQUA. 18,000- 19 1 8728. 1 MAY, 1918. 437. CONFIDENTIAL. DUP. ORIGINAL. DUPLICATE. TRIPLIGATE. Australian Imperial Force. WAR DIARY. OF. ONTH OF A et osma dosadamarlin:0.4., Lethau slus. FOR. Jest Wing Ha. ... D. Nicol posted to No. 7 T.S. from Ov

and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. WAR DIARY. 07". INTELIGENCHXOSUMMARYX. (Erase heading not required.).

Usual patrol of two troops from 4th L.H. Patrol Sqdn.moved out. BridpXXXIIIE SI8 0446 200 Infantry in column of route and 5 wagons moving North along road in Sq. C 36. 0500. From 30 to 40 Infantry fired on our patrol ffom Sq. F. 9, IO, II, I M.G. fir

evidence (on which a large proportion of war stories are founded) was impressed. , upon him by the second or third day of ... MAEben a kara reueh Ysbro-nepotuit,. 37/U/16. 13. Zo aum. Nov. es-Soubt. Tadh2.43,. Bacao/Th. han Th. Plaiu do a e Li korved

18%E DA, 503] dup . Front 11ne trench U.L.d.5. Front- line trenca. U.a.B.. Counter Batterie. Heavy Ho-Battery. Frontis trench. La... ont Nate trench.U.L. 0-8. ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ 2ਲ Be t Lਆ . 1 section Front Kne trench. D. .b.6,0. E" How Battery.

STATIbw M4; lo 41*. 510'00L QM-£§1q(a_(m _.i \E'1 D;-. ' M ETL'EPU l'ufiflf'rq -- @415 {1.7. g” any}: M [VIA -'§ 4°. .... will be prepared in manuscript. Place Date i Hour Summary of Events and Information ; r i to. IE MLU“ L LMJ. "AL-“5

F r? 1:," A if .- {47”},LTHCL A" f {Lad (It K J'. Wk" 0. -- . .: {f i " fl, ,- -' , fir/Z/i 15' 6/55 'r-'(IA Q5 (9-1") Gaga-fl. fa! Fir “ii-P I . an Ir, flirt-“lid (it .1 “Iii; 31% A) {IL-1dr "f ' flit"; f / i715 “£— J'T'rfim'b/f . i

5. a raid on Rottnest Island was planned with the Army. Authorities for the night of 15/1hth October. A landing party from the local military forces was embarked, ..... C.B., moonwmieo w Poems ,r captain LB. FOLEY,. 93.3. and Com 3.1?- IIIGHULS, m em

"if i 4922'? -- 16 Aust Sqn_AL.Seo;$') - .- - HQ, First -Aust_-_1_lrmy_. i i 49.229 18 Aust Sqn m; Soc-1 - _ , - ,- i - -'-T I 49232 21 Aust Sqn 13L Soc ) Under command '2 Auatfhmi. 5 492547. 25 {aust'Sqn {1132.200 J _ .-l_L . .... 92151 501 Rust 2.2

Jun 30, 1970 - BDA Nil.. 14 June 10....0900. YS 602918. YS.625924. 14 June ...1.100. 2Lt. Dick.sighted.an.old...carnp. with fresh.track.through areas. YS.627928. 14. June.. 1.130.. |.21t. Dick..sighted.. small bunker...system,...passibly...occupied..

OT. NA M, 3 WAP Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence. Summaries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II. and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. WAR DIARY. INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. (Erase heading not r

18,000-12/1-4723. CONFIDENTIAL. DUPLICATE,. ORIGINAL. DUPLICATE. TRIPLICATE. Australian Imperial Force. WAR DIARY. OF. FOR. 1912. | Daar. Latest De. Signature of Officer compiling. Signature of officer Commanding. AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL. RCDIG100389

Army Ferm C, 2118. Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence. Summereries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II, and the Staff Manual respectively. ... Enemy aircraft active during night, bombing back areas. In touch with 29th Division reg-

Duplicate Commander's Diary. This must be clearly marked as a duplicate. It is to be sent separately from the original to AHQ one month after the original has been despatched but not before the former has been acknowledged. 15. When overseas, both co

following circumstances and considerations to be brought to the notice of every ... did try to ensure such accuracy by consulting, as far as possible, those who had ..... Shun. Nyhe 12/13a Chup Ceauapaus banye am 8. Juun aide. When lške adirancod of

18,000-12/1 -8723. CONFIDENTIAL. DUP. ORIGINAL. -DUPLICATE. TRIPLICATE. Australian Imperial Force. WAR DIARY. OF. M.7. M. Bay. FOR. May. 191 - ... Remarks and references to. Appendices. 0 27 d. 46.81459. (Shut ba's The care regnaud Ching the preparen

they consist antirely of canstructione'l ar ads: uni tea, but the majority m? time! ..... llv) M mfanuen 7111113}? are new: for a ascandarg role of ground. dflfunflfl, mainly "a! tin: a1fi1310_a'.'033. i'!) Australian ads: units. (vi) Fixed 302m.

(Erase heading not required.) Summary of Events and Information ogarding War Diaries and Intelligence ries are (null) in 1, 8 ]{gen, Turt II, e Staff Mununl ...

Mags. 22. Tbs only map requirsd fsr ths sxsrsissj ts be issued by Hi"; 10 “PF, ... This is tc include data-ail cf nicvcmcnt cf En HQ 9 Bill to incl frcm C Scan-:1 - ... DAT .. J'th SPLth 11-..5-TT-11'UCT .-. L. T. RCDIGIOZSBS-il. 101191511. E1111.

Central during day report no sign of enemy and vary little movement observed at UMi ISH SHORT ... ELLE. RIGHT SEOTOR: Eavement normal, ao rzado. LETT SEO'TOR: Our art11lery shelled X. 30.a. with aerial ... troughs could be erected and kept going here