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The D.D:.8. 20th CORPS Informed me that he had about 300 orarely led easgatet unable to ovouste to IKARA. Here are more Blandrats, Stretchore and Pyja...

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to coming under orders of 1st ANZAC, and. relieving the Divisi on in the line in the BERQ'UIE. Administrative Order No. 18, ...... eorreejponding raid. {.iee 1e deteehed therefrom. d; If en'foieer or Other Rank in regaorted. Inez-ting no a result of

Mĝyember 1966. REFERENCE MAP. Vietnam.1:50000...sheets. 6442 IIT COMMANDING officerº * -----------. Annex letter and enclosure number. -. Place and grid - = -- reference Date Time Event or information. 20 Nov 1105 H of size 5 tractor working in...s

Oct 2, 2013 - Summaries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II. and the Staff Manunl respectively. Title pages. ... (Erase heading not required.) Place. Date = HOUT. Summary of Events and Information ... 13$ i la ki te, mis on temein - an Bhreat dealr

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EC, l- _ - "4-2- BEA. :AT-fi'." PPOCEECIlng' irom RUin to LEONG Ont , tee peeeed eno. e1'-ohen. "'llULI'S'lE - 511:1 Loci -— Sunde 6th A ril — At Kt? " -_ h " 5t 01 .... 8.1; 15110135. Position at 1200 =- 9° 28' 5. 151° 32' s 0. At 3914-5 JDMA

thanlts ta 'ASPRD'. l myself served in the Boer War and also fl'l the last Campaign and always fly to 'ASF'ROS' as soon as i feel any effect. i am 53 years of age and feel I'll years younger. and would not be without them as they give me renewed ene

DUPLICATE Constanoans Dramas. These will be clearly marked as duplicates and will NOT be sent with the originals. They will be forwarded within two months as follows :—. (a) Units in the UK. To the OIC parent record office. ([1) Formation Headquar

Mar 1, 2011 - Oct 323% Tent and Tables FS Appendix 'J'. 25 Oct Bear Ech First Aust Army Adm Instruction No 1 ..... 1: Amy (AI?) 001: 111;“ . . . 3., First Aust Amy Administrative Instruction Ho 15 is amsnded as follows: (a). Para L -- No A train ne

above, or the Naval 'lieserve ? ,i. 4.——Have you ever lieen rejected as unfit for His. Majesty's Service, or discharged from it on that account? If so, state reasons of rejection, or discharge, and date .... Colonial Allowance from the States Sav

for medical reports). (6) Formations and units overseas will forward diaries monthly by the seventh day of the succeeding month to the OIC Field Records for onward transmission to the War Office. 16. DUPLICATE COMMANDERS DIARIES. These will be clearl

3--18. Duté. 18,000-12/1 -8723. CONFIDENTIAL. DUPE. ORIGINAL. DUPLICATE. TRIPLAGATE. Australian Imperial Force. WAR DIARY. OF. A.P.M.3** Ausz. Div. FOR .... läminet DE LA COURONNE ot METEREN plaud outBounds /m 15dzuje .... House of ruiterline, one

ORIGINAL. DUPLICATE. Strike out where not applicable. Cross out addresses which do not apply. To : Ministry of Defence (ARC. DSD (For Swi bist sest. Ministry of Defense (AMDI). AH. APPA BUILDING. OIC . Records. A CANBERRA ACT. AUSTRALIA. 1. I enclose

Action reports (if required) -. Other papers, eg, maps and diagrams, air photos, reports from sub units ... INSTRUCTIONS. AIM. The aim of a Commanders Diary is to provide data on which to base future improvements in Army training ... es as well as ma

Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Part II. and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. ..... during the ordinary working hours and was frequently found on the following morning to be taint

at BIB IHSHASH. ifii Begt paraded at 1345 and marched via 'BIJIE ABU JERWM€ to track KHUWEILFEH-RAS EL RAGE .l'ery rough road. Casualties en route 5 o.r.wounded shrapnel. Beleived 5th Mounted ... H.G.and Rifle fire. hegt took up line along N.'bank

INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. (Erase heading not required.) Australian Corps Troops M. T. Coy. Place. Hour. Summary of Events and Information. Remarks and references to. Appeudices. I Date. March,. | 13. Australian Corps Troops M. T. Company formed., "K" Sup

the cever- will be JreiJaI-e'i in manuscript. ..,,,... gllli'l'l'lbll' a5“. Summary. efl: Events and" Informafiifin. *U. H m n m. IIIIH. E i. "H - til-"fit: Army Form C2118. (Adapt-e"! UNH . a noeuuuaouoanuaoeee i. (1011113131?le OFFICER . . .

Date. Hour. Summary of Events and Information. Remarks and references to. Appendices. Sept. 2nd. Major A. V. Meehan left the Unit to-day to report to Alder Hay ... 9 unfitted left the Hospital to-day and were en trained at Southall Station en route f

60 2b, Instns issued re combat efficiency reports Appx XVII i. 60 2h Instns issued re move 141.1. En 130 Bellevue Appx XVIII' 6M. do 25 Intel]. Sumner}? Ho LL .... SIC—32 Aust Div. 2 Rust Div Pro-$.00? '2 .fmstl Div Postal 0 g. 2.1181; Inf Bie. -.

320? being able to purchu se goods from the Canteen an appeal has been made to (Joys for sweet pots-toes in exchange for rice. Senr Ofi'r 6; Aust '_="'ps_ attended All“ ... AP? 20. 1860 essays for IJA Pea—submitted to Hi}, 1-2'3 together 'with 10

and tools necessary for the conversion of the 3" Stokes bomb to a. Smolze bomb and ... could convert 1000 shells per week. He advocated, too .... No. of CSS. MESSAGES ANT SIGNALO. Prefix. Code. 1. Words. Charge. This message is on aloof OSce of Origi

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C.T.used is the treml. 1ne avenue. (unnamed) through UICER SAP to BASSE COUR FM, and past the Church to ... U 2 b 93.95, The 3rd Coy- was in ULCER SAP and neighbouring trenches the Coy. H.Q. at U 3 9 52.82 and ..... Signs of two sma 11 houses just no

Code. Bi. From.. AE. Charges to Collect. Service Instituctions. Changes to Collect. Domus. Serlee Instructions ..... ICH DOC —John Biss EDI. Ed. 219-911. GR.