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Mĝyember 1966. REFERENCE MAP. Vietnam.1:50000...sheets. 6442 IIT COMMANDING officerº * -----------. Annex letter and enclosure number. -. Place and ...

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omg land, Mhen. Noi 17. A. SP pranks i ara feared. Ilired others ranka láken ouw hd slicng Chu, hevues de forums purnung. Sevens. ON cada lourie, bus specd molli eccecd 15 miles for hours, kö pelaerts al Me kummy Saturs mulle VARR EN NES. carnej vm

at BIB IHSHASH. ifii Begt paraded at 1345 and marched via 'BIJIE ABU JERWM€ to track KHUWEILFEH-RAS EL RAGE .l'ery rough road. Casualties en route 5 o.r.wounded shrapnel. Beleived 5th Mounted ... H.G.and Rifle fire. hegt took up line along N.'bank

Owing to lack of accommodation, Bae Ha, Qrs, reestablished at Sheet 62b. F29. a9,7, Comm- unication through by line to Div, H.Qrs, 10th Bde, on left, and all Battalions through Comm- and Post, Visual station at Benjamin Post established and worked to

they CMII'IOT take up. Bookings should be cancelled at least T2 hours in advance. 202. UACCINATION OF CHILDREN AGAINST DIPH'H-[IRIA — SINGAPORE. Introduction. 1 . The Diphtheria Immunisation Ordinance 1961 of the SINGAPORE Govern— ment makes vacc

defits a Atari novan alue for Krone dirrev at K. Caaf nirransfer told me it was a foort to apply enyvei. Orang Ke doutros to A. Rodby free baie v posarta pada a ocerellas draud, S5 Cane, ed Corners arrived. At 715. A debate og hitam ke village de ont

months' leave of absence to Australia on transport duty. pte Wallace was returned to the Base for probable return to. Australia, for age and family reasons. Pte Kelly was sent up from the Ba se as a reinforcement. Capt. 0.c., 5th Australian M.V.S.. A

Desfiit'e the depressing conditions the morale of the troops rennined mm high. I. " flee—hmrAB 24 me: 42 These days were over-east but fine end quarters for troops were estehliehed. No changes were uncle in dispositions ,. Deteile of engineering

“(770 {u I 1-3;; [766:3 6H J a MieI-fiit- wmkr (Ia/f" {ifidx' J37!) Iiiu. “in” jffl-uff'i'ir L'- .- I . . _ . __ -. - r __ I ___- .. i IFJ'IJF} ff-ffd,' ELF-:rdquy A fifhfa I; ,q; if 2'76455; ..... 2nd 16' 1-"; 265228 Pta. 0. Austin B Admitâ

ir secess.i. is cot ... ii. s/r, , ;", F/o Ts; ER is P/c oI2. Dror successful. r OSCO au. *s-, - sesseer --- or * * st " '9" ". OSs /* r * i.e. air c, is: on Octii strait is it "Y, feat its on 33 cinnaged. -...--------. ... F/Lt.V.E.O. ads in 2 corsa

Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence. Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Part II. and the ... certas eius et sacredeak zecet leoz. Eenpal; 11 A 172 7. Osa ae Casuaeces : 24 Leady: thrie seuns. loon. Accusar r feta Api. Mong. Atarga

Summaries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II, and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. (Erase heading .... E en Geng tito old API Setu. Ini merun fari guzt were turned into he anntentcati

Feb 1, 2018 - L.H.Regiment pushed forward towards NEBY MUSA and the 2nd .I.H. Regiment af fording the Plank protection sont one Squadron towards RUJN ESH SHIMALIYEH and one Souadron towards 1EKUR ES SIDRI. Two Squadrons 3rd. L.H. Regiment entered NTR

The aim of a Commanders Diaryr is to provide data on which to base future llilIlPI'OVClIlEIIIS in Army training, equipment, organization and administration, ..... I I I o I a u u I i a r + I v 1 v I I v v r I I I I I r r I I u | u u I a u o I I a ¢

Jul 1, 2014 - te co 1-. a personne , -'ETther with mechanical experience or. _ mechanically .... Arrangements for return :journey' will: no mafia? in conjunction with local movement groups. Warrants will 'oc endorsed. "Charge. 825 course No 8.1“. E

1172 Sap Longworth. 1699 31 g Willi arns. W.H.A.. A.R.. L, R,. 14th A, L.H.. Signal Service. 14th A. L.H.. G. D. INDIVIDUAL SIGNALLING, 1st. 2nd. 3rd. S. E. 1 1 0. A. 2317 sig Ballard. 15 th A.L.H.. 1702 Sig Carter. C.R.. 10th A, L.H.. 2384 Sig Schof

GEIJERJLLSTJLFF', I, I. - t. 138 INTERFEREHCE mm: 51 41¢ COLIw'UNICATIOHS. ' _ V ' " A. (i) The practice 'cr firing weapons from troop trains__ or 25.1'; 'vchiclcs; on ncadS'is forbidden-flan}; instances of dcincgc to “insulator: and" _ telegraph

MONTH AND YEAR.. REFERENCE MAP. COMMANDING OFFICER. KEIEVAS. Place and grid reference. Date. Time. Event or information. Annex letter and enclosure number. == 20c7 let. Continued lie). Wsunk Is auppned okaust get back today.let ue tuerede et Hong Kon

L. Mess.off.i.Dem.off.i.q.mt. 64 N/staff. 3 Masseuses. 99 Gs. VADs., 209 o/fenks. | arrivals. i.N/staff. 2 o/Ranks fröm Fovant. i. o/Rank from transfer. Departures. 1. Dem.off. (ggpt. g. IIJRGUM)i.n/staff to Hospital. 4 N/staff to leave. 2 n/staff t

Areofio hefroyld for dukin, Ahte das er au moved forward av apo aratores. Mills Good! /Noa de Artes non ten hond het outi, leading onderní fooft sand,. AhaCa. Cha as ma oled SouÁK ELTELi la ak 73-b + enddaf 700. adelA too narry Agaon moved forward

PM“ I. Dam “GUT I Eummary of Events and Information “3113;212:213 5:2?egc “1 ..... This direction is issued under the National Security ..... 5 Sop 1600 W 6. Fine. Bullring training continuing. R1 strength-57 Officers; and. — ' -—859—0â

Animals in first class condition. Inspected Divisional Train. Condition good. 5th. Eth. Inspected Divisional Beadquarters, Divisional Signal Coyo and Nob. Vet. ..... a joz. D. D.V.S. 3rd Australian Division. Remasks by G. O. G. Cox yai- seo. Kernerke

8'7" EEE - 4574'? HQ B mist Corns 5158 (HF) _) ' Under BES'E Sub Arc—as in “1-11 ~11. 1666.666 for. 92.. V. 61339 5 £11151: 0p Sec , ) 166111 3611- -. -99.- _ 7 "£5254 _ 5'5 {Lust EPI' Scc (Type B) (LIF) V 7 {mit 01' _-'-_ust_Special_'-2'/T G -

Particulars of service in any of these forces or in the Merchant Service should be ..... Lic. YM. KOMMUNAM. HAhu unalvrsti'amol oyihre any full consent for moy.

Jun 27, 2017 - The aim of a Commanders Diary is to provide data on which to base future improvements in Anny training, etf] units and ... Heads of services not below the rank of lieutenant colonel. 11. Personal stafis and ..... 43. a tour of the Lon