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Mĝyember 1966. REFERENCE MAP. Vietnam.1:50000...sheets. 6442 IIT COMMANDING officerº * -----------. Annex letter and enclosure number. -. Place and ...

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n569/2/286. SSORRT |. AUSTRALIAN REITRRT ROROSS. Ho 1 ATF'. NUI DAT. @211— Apr 7'1. Op Instr 3/71 (OP BRIRR PATCH II - 3 RAR). Ref: To: A,. '1 A'l'F Op Instr 2/71 (0p ..... The map physically located in this position (OP BRIAR ... to ZIGGIE. the se

Jun 24, 2015 - No. I. Seeti. on. Cuiet and uneventful twenty-four hours. Covering party on new work opposite Band Brigade had a few bombs thrown at them.- no casualties. Enemy guns shelled the 3rd. Brigade slightly early this morning. No. II. Section

5 no car. 2 52 F0 PK 6'07. 5/65. M07' 80: ca. '. 17 car .456. ZTFD AM .6' F0 4MB. 4.24m A. 0015219. \\ \\ \\ \'a \\ \\. I. TR. 8. 2 AUST D/V. ------/1. Java / r '01? l0 // ... DISTRl_§}_'f.'IOH. As per Div Comds circular 130-1 showed who were the go

Advance, A two Ede Attack, and a Night Nithdrawal, There was ample scope for practise in the inactioning oi' I-IQ's. The results of the exercise indicated that advantage hat. been taken by all ranks of experience gained in previous exercises. Amphibi

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Lot motellen i als W111 att all the onemy's position at e teto to be dela se zatex eso nou will ..... (Jabber zel). Beference sub-pera BIZ B zano D 2006 3.50.

I I II I TE TEE 1 I I III E E TEE 1 II E t ttttt ! ETI E LE TEE 1 II E III III t ti ti ti t tttttt. 1 BP Coy_275/65-55m. AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL. RCDIG1027645. Page 6. This form is to be enclosed with the annexes in AF-C 2119 (Adapted). COMMANDERS DI

_--e...._._-...__. Attached ss APPLE 1? is a copy of Report on Operations of APPI 17. Report on “Midis;e..;..____.e-_.. immune-.. - .. ---- --m53p£---FORGE---£rem-- 22---Sep ... I n sac-.sanron a: an: Insitaijcrion no L. , ___li__ ____ .H. ' Plie

I r | | | | e q e e p p - - - - - - - l . e n | | a a a a I e I I I 1 1 1 I I I I I I I ~ I . . . . . e , , | | I I e , e I I I I I I . . . I I I I I u I I I i | i e - - a a p a a e ~ - ~ I I I l I I . . . I i I i I I i I . I I I I I . n I n 1 1 p r

3 arachna eglarsavis, meis filed us in Pune. Gero luego drain entry ferre, ducisselif tu Bae Major,. 10- to carretee E HOOF. 0.110SL. 1st. A. L.H. Bde A. I, F. UN. AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL. RCDIG1012895 ..... application to the Divisional Ordnance Off

i.' luflm in quarry r11; K.25.'h.8.1. tPhe routers wera 0?:"51'131111 ma. fins-ant. They warm nu'b. :narl'mfl but were Mavis-131;" recou-noitrm “by 5.¢,D'a and. 2-1011. ' ' _ '- "-. "Is" Unfipnamm thn'nigb'b Max/ting P011111 5.1: K.li'fi.0.5.6

Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence. Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Part II. and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. WAR DIARY or. INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. (Erase heading not required.) Plac

Bu SSN Take oal Bn - na ovu fon BJSSy ry toute no Cuci Ta BLANC y TRO/VVL -. SOMME) - S/./5-vuodu at Bay ty TRONVILLE. WEATHER Very bod, hey. Jarin - ptacte ay his accommodiculuded an oilal-et. Bid, tin war. | 76 Prudente de Fusose. 5.3open B. nuovi

Arranged with D.D.M.S. to leave Immobile Section 5th Mtd Bde Fld Amb. in present si te to hold the se casos. Received A.M.Divisional Order. No 19 and Administrative Instructions No. 9. weekly Report, Changes in Medical Officers,. Summa ry of Sick, an

This record has been released and dezlarified by Dept. of. Detence and is available for Public Access. AUTHORITY: DIGIM ADMars. REVIEW: for pr Mayor. Befestyle. AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL. RCDIG1072671. Page 3. 580/202/. #75. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY. MIN

H. Mi. A. s. SnIPE.) H •*• A • S • SNIFE - REPORT OF PROGREDINGS — sEPTEMBER 1962. I am directed by the Naval Board to inform you that the steamiag figures appendix for the abovementionea report of proceedings was not received at Navy offic

loco. A361 . a n s Fir-rip re 1: My Jdiuiflm? '7 4 a“, 4-;. THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT TO B .... Owing to extreme shortage of beer bottles and straw or fibre envelopes in AUSTRALIA, the supply of bottled beer 1"or consumption by

discs are RUB worn by JAPANESE Havel Landing Party personnel. This was further confirmed by examination of ..... 11-} {at 4.2. HD 2 Aust Div. ts 13 Oct 42,}. J-. ' recei'.'ea up. 1353 {68283123. .511' D. I! c-. H. {35565 mi. - {iii-3313! '5 ....___..

Erecessage-action Date-Time–Group. RouTINE - 030900Z -- E34. - Security Classification. From: 402 FT ºff. Sº RAEE ty. To: HQ 1 ALS: UNCLAS. Originators Number S 34. SITREPC.)AIPHA(-)s 34.)BRAVO(.) 021100H to osmoon. CHARLIE(...)* {..) . + - º. D

group the papers by appendices. b. Supplementary diaries ... comMANDING OFFICER. Maj. Jºe. BIRP. Annex letter and enclosure number. Place and grid. Date - - -- reference ale Time Event or information ... yung TAU. ... PRECEDENCE – ACTION | PRECEDE

7 Det. A.I.P. Uneler 19. A.S.A.A.M.E.S. CIVIL, RA.N. R.A.A.F.. 19 YCarn. TOTAL of instruction for Compilation of thin TE- tuin will complete analysis of Part B(1) ...... Unit to which detached. 上,就一定西市. 28 Genn w81 Be. 1 ritoon Portal Uni

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Mar 1, 2012 - (Based on information received free 1860 hrs 25 dug to 1800 hrs 30 Aug). 1. Recipients 0:? this document will take special core to ensure the secrecy- ... are proceeding, but Jap plans nest have been further set becl; by. late .vlllio'i