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Date. Hour. Summary of Events and Information. Remarks and references to. Appendices. Sept. 2nd. Major A. V. Meehan left the Unit to-day to report to ...

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Location of Office and Dup, Sains, France. Called on 13th ... the 45th Battalion by their action, as it was necessary to dermana three more for them. 104th Army Brigade R. F. A. movea to me Iron D, A, .D. 0. S., Australian. COLOs Troops or aut ... of

grnup 0!] H1me light fir-16. guns, Iwo m“ “"1 ich were Fir- ing a1 Him at s3“! 011i rang-e. 'l'h-vse ---_,1,ms but! a [ready knocked 0111 several. Tanks. '2? ... TI- “ RAID ,AS DESCRIED BY MAJOR H.L.BIHKIN,THE NELL-KNUHN NOTTINGHAM ... the of

Sep 19, 2017 - Summaries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II. INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY and the Staff Manual respectively ..... ATA= Pavleayer / Beurs enge/. Kawitanegarf arrow seegne/ fy / API. Kate=-5000. Elanike arv. A E. WORK CARRIE UT EX HP4BRITTIL

Army Form C2113. (:dapkd.) ' I Dale _and 'Tfme:—- mm __. Ural.-.“ -. Place ' Date Hour l _ Summary 0! Events and Information Remarks _and rqfufnncna to i _ , ' : . ..... DISTRIT'UTION . 7 Sta Comd DO' ODURA. “ " TSILI 'I'SILI. A4 5 Air Force I.

in next of kin with postal address. and any other items afiecting an oflicer's or soldier's service. I :2: — a_ . ...... lureth tstopcgint'ynefl (Brie, Dion" Area, etc., with which Unit is serving.) Forms wsmm ' _ ' " ' “'“. ' liq-Eli. ,. AU

Jul 7, 2017 - 670 B1 a LG means are decurg Garnfood no i Consumaut detailSUTTO VENE. A6945. Wt. W11422/L160 350,000 .... 0 10 About me India. To87 vid Knight. 32. /seth Bn Sensity & Dea selle. Ago 68and 10tie Regulations He attain that he was consola

Zealand Army Corps. These launches are to be towed to the Hospital ships and other ships in which the men are to be accommodated. This provision for the evacuation of .... D.d.s. asked that he or his A.D.M.S. might join General Headquarters on the. "

This Line should be erased if not required. WE. W492/M1647 100,000 pads. 4/17. W. & Co., Ltd. (E, 1187.) Ceri Or. Signature of AddreSSOT or person Elitilhorised to teleguTarihin his III. * This line should be erased iſ not required. T50,000. W NL86M

for medical reports). (6) Formations and units overseas will forward diaries monthly by the seventh day of the succeeding month to the OIC Field Records for onward transmission to the War Office. 16. DUPLICATE COMMANDERS DIARIES. These will be clearl

3/' f' If i A new system of dispatch was instituted under mieh Franc-e eerfie ever parties of men for books ordered in considerable quentitiee . The Central Library took over eentrel of Stationery. Indente from E.0' e. 2/Lt . G. Jenkins , 8th En. ,

_ I int approx 2000 hrs 1 Officer and 150 0.51.'s marched into camp as the first Reinforcements to 2/5 BnL. All seemed tired after their longjournev1 but were very pleased to be joining their unit. The '_' ____ _ were given a meal and allotted to ten

the cever- will be JreiJaI-e'i in manuscript. ..,,,... gllli'l'l'lbll' a5“. Summary. efl: Events and" Informafiifin. *U. H m n m. IIIIH. E i. "H - til-"fit: Army Form C2118. (Adapt-e"! UNH . a noeuuuaouoanuaoeee i. (1011113131?le OFFICER . . .

INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. (Erase heading not required.) Australian Corps Troops M. T. Coy. Place. Hour. Summary of Events and Information. Remarks and references to. Appeudices. I Date. March,. | 13. Australian Corps Troops M. T. Company formed., "K" Sup

cover of heavy artillery preparation but were unsuccessful. Prior to the enemy s counter-attack against our trenches East of BEHTHAUOOURT our trenches and back areas in this neighbourhood were subjected to an intense bombardment with H.132. and gas s

thanlts ta 'ASPRD'. l myself served in the Boer War and also fl'l the last Campaign and always fly to 'ASF'ROS' as soon as i feel any effect. i am 53 years of age and feel I'll years younger. and would not be without them as they give me renewed ene

to coming under orders of 1st ANZAC, and. relieving the Divisi on in the line in the BERQ'UIE. Administrative Order No. 18, ...... eorreejponding raid. {.iee 1e deteehed therefrom. d; If en'foieer or Other Rank in regaorted. Inez-ting no a result of

Mar 1, 2011 - Oct 323% Tent and Tables FS Appendix 'J'. 25 Oct Bear Ech First Aust Army Adm Instruction No 1 ..... 1: Amy (AI?) 001: 111;“ . . . 3., First Aust Amy Administrative Instruction Ho 15 is amsnded as follows: (a). Para L -- No A train ne

C.T.used is the treml. 1ne avenue. (unnamed) through UICER SAP to BASSE COUR FM, and past the Church to ... U 2 b 93.95, The 3rd Coy- was in ULCER SAP and neighbouring trenches the Coy. H.Q. at U 3 9 52.82 and ..... Signs of two sma 11 houses just no

60 2b, Instns issued re combat efficiency reports Appx XVII i. 60 2h Instns issued re move 141.1. En 130 Bellevue Appx XVIII' 6M. do 25 Intel]. Sumner}? Ho LL .... SIC—32 Aust Div. 2 Rust Div Pro-$.00? '2 .fmstl Div Postal 0 g. 2.1181; Inf Bie. -.

Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Part II. and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY. ..... during the ordinary working hours and was frequently found on the following morning to be taint

3--18. Duté. 18,000-12/1 -8723. CONFIDENTIAL. DUPE. ORIGINAL. DUPLICATE. TRIPLAGATE. Australian Imperial Force. WAR DIARY. OF. A.P.M.3** Ausz. Div. FOR .... läminet DE LA COURONNE ot METEREN plaud outBounds /m 15dzuje .... House of ruiterline, one

Oct 2, 2013 - Summaries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II. and the Staff Manunl respectively. Title pages. ... (Erase heading not required.) Place. Date = HOUT. Summary of Events and Information ... 13$ i la ki te, mis on temein - an Bhreat dealr

EC, l- _ - "4-2- BEA. :AT-fi'." PPOCEECIlng' irom RUin to LEONG Ont , tee peeeed eno. e1'-ohen. "'llULI'S'lE - 511:1 Loci -— Sunde 6th A ril — At Kt? " -_ h " 5t 01 .... 8.1; 15110135. Position at 1200 =- 9° 28' 5. 151° 32' s 0. At 3914-5 JDMA

3/4th March, L/Cpl. HAWKINS and 12 Bearers proceeded to A.D.S. BREWERY as reserve Bearers for the raid. 4-3-18. At 3.45 a.m. ..... 100.00. Note Issue. Profit & Loss Alc. at 1/2/18. Trading Profit. Less benefit of Personnel. Sundry Crs. 3178.30. 495.6