Thymomodulin increases release of granulocyte

respiratory tract of individuals undergoing fibreoptic ... this study. These individuals underwent fibreoptic ..... great deal of data on the effects ...

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Apr 9, 1979 - J. Clin. Invest. X The American Society for Clinical Investigation, Inc. ... monolayers infected with herpes virus 6 or 24 h earlier had their nutrient ...

Over the last 10 years (2005-2015) property taxes collected statewide on agricultural land increased 176%. Residential property increased 35% and commercial property increased 49%. Farm and Ranch Families Continue to take the Brunt of Tax Increases.

Aug 20, 1986 - 60°C in a solution that contained I M NaCl, 1% sodium dodecyl sulfate. (SDS), 10% .... line to rGM-CSF, an initial concentration of 3.0 X 105 cells/ml in 10% FBS with RPMI ..... Cloning-a laboratory manual. Cold Spring Harbor ...

Jun 25, 1987 - basophils and/or mast cells and therefore tested preparations of human .... added to 10 ml blood and 2 ml 3% dextran-3% glucose PBS solution. The cells were .... HRFs derived from activated lymphoid cells were first de-.

Aug 18, 1986 - I. In 9 of22 cases there was autonomous growth of>50 colonies ..... and S. C. Clark. 1985. Human ... D. A. G. Galton, H. Gralnick, and C. Sultan.

Apr 8, 1980 - plement- and/or immunoglobulin (Ig)G-coated latex particles ... 1 Abbreviations used in this paper: HA, hyaluronic acid;. PMN ... This stimulation was achieved with a co-opsonic effect .... This indicates that the stiimulated phago- ...

Feb 2, 1981 - blood granulocyte count returned to normal. Other methods. White blood counts were doneby hand using a hemocytometer. Differential counts were performed on Wright stained smears. We counted total leukocytes and granulocytes in pulmonary

Apr 17, 1987 - were determined. Both data were adjusted to weekly production of cells and CFU-C. Cobblestones ..... In both experiments CFU-C production continues at a rate parallel to that of control culture,indicating no ... CFU-C production must b

Apr 8, 1980 - METHODS. Patients. The patient group consisted of 10 patients with impaired host resistance defined as extreme propensity for bacterial infections and impaired phagocytic activity of their. PMN (i.e., a phagocytic rate < 0.45 min-', as

Apr 19, 1988 - Thomas Boone,* Bruce Altrock,t Karl Welte,* and Lawrence SouLat. *Department ... mentation in the ANC was accompanied by an increase in leu- .... cell ratio and assayed for day 7 and day 14 colony-forming unit granu-.

Dr. Lazarus' present address is Department of Derma- tology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass. Dr. Brown's present address is Yale New Haven.

unit gravity in an equal volume of a dextran solution con- sisting of 3.0g dextran T500(Pharmacia Fine ... fate solution, and a Tris-glycine tray buffer at 10 times the concentration described by Davis. The upper tray was ..... Robinson, J. C., J. E.

Actual implementation date is subject to state approval. Wave. States. Filing ... $500 – 10 apps issued. • $750 – 15 apps issued. • $1,000 – 20 apps issued.

but not at other locations within the lung, these data suggest that the local production of GM-CSF by certain lung ..... was not predictive ofthe number ofCD 1-positive cells present in the specimen (P > 0.1 for all comparisons .... Analysis of autor

Jan 3, 1983 - Crude elastase was eluted with 50 ml 0.1M acetic acid. After dialysis against 0.15 M NaCl in 10 mM sodium acetate (pH. 5.6), the crude preparation was applied to a Cm-cellulose ...... 5839. 9. Mahoney, W. C., K. Kurachi, and M. A. Hermo

Sep 16, 1988 - Received for publication 3 August 1988 and in revised form 16. September ... lyophilized form, was obtained by a recombinant DNA technique and ..... 236:1229-1237. 2. Sieff, C. A. 1987. Hemopoietic growth factors. J. Clin.Invest. 79:15

Chemical Co., Milwaukee,WI), mannitol, sodium benzoate, or histidine. (all from Sigma Chemical Co.) (33, 34). Determination ofSOD, catalase, andglutathioneperoxidaseactivities in S. mansoni eggs. Ova were isolated as described above, suspended in 0.1

May 21, 1981 - complement or acidic isoferritins after DNA synthetic phase (S-phase) CFU-GM were removed. Anti-Ia, without complement, did not reduce colony or cluster formation but did block the inhibitory action of acidic isoferritins. A relationsh

Notch receptors, TNFa and the amyloid precursor protein (APP). (Murphy .... release of endogenous Hh into serum-free supernatant was measured over time. .... ADAM17-silenced PANC-1 cells were seeded, loaded with [3H]cholesterol or [3H]palmitate (F) a

2004). Given this wide array of functions, it is not surprising that aberrant activation of the Hh pathway has been ... Almost no GFP expression was observed under unstimulated conditions, ..... Graph shows disintegration events per minute relative t

Mar 30, 2016 - Nancy Steiner,5 Irmgard Förster,5 Stephen L. Nutt,2,3 Moshe Olshansky,6 Stephen J. Turner,6 and John A. Hamilton1. 1Department of .... CFA was. GM-CSF dependent (3); similar- ly, using Ccl17E/E mice, the CCL17 dependence of pain in th

Salt Lake City, Utah). Although it seems evident that the neutrophilic leukocytosis commonly encountered in patients with purulent infections, polycythemia rubra ... eral Hospital, 175 East 21st South St., Salt Lake City, .... data were selected from

was done by Gray and associates, who used Aero- sol (di-octyl sodium sulfo succinate) (8), the fe-. 721 .... F. Ulcerative. 7,000. 52. 26.6. 6.0. 12.2 colitis. T. S.. Ulcerative. 4,206. 31. 4.4. 6.0. 5.6 colitis. L. P.. Cirrhosis of. 9,500. 61. 36.7.

Oct 29, 2014 - Helene [Damhofer]a, Veronique L. [Veenstra]a, Johanna A.M.G. [Tol]b, Hanneke W.M. [van. 4. Laarhoven]a,c, Jan Paul [Medema]a, and Maarten F. [Bijlsma]a*. 5. 6. aLaboratory for Experimental Oncology and Radiobiology, Center for Experime