(Los Angeles) and the 13th General Assembly of the Imp- (Berkeley), as a member of .... Temperature coefficients were checked by baseline value analys...

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charts of the Carboniferous system in Australia (Jones & others, 1973; Jones & Roberts, 1976). A schematic ..... treatment and quenching was used to aid desegregation of strata, but this did not reveal any additional ... information, are listed by La

DEPARTMENT OF PRIMARY INDUSTRIES AND ENERGY. BUREAU OF ..... contain data sources consulted plus sources of additional information. .... Table 2. Index to deposit names, synonyms, orebodies and mines. 8. Agricola. Agricola. Agricola. Alexander. Anglo

Gravity^ Recomputation and interpretation of reconnaissance gravity data. Major project. - Gravity maps of Australia. Period Studies^Australia-wide correlation of time-equivalent ... the origin (source, maturation, migration, entrapment), exploration

The information contained in this report has been obtained by the. Department of National Development, as part of the policy ... APPENDIX I. On the age of sample T.T015 from six miles south of Gunn Point, north-east of Darwin. .... onto a "clean" sur

ntl,. fi If'te sf-puc,'u Ils tt can be crosa the trer.4a ot other faults. 00441. lP. t d l.aplao nt) •. ~ttoed. 4be Ftn46tone b 48 700 teet llorth-eaat nes.e ot leees 54 and 55 a e roken b~ rver 1 tttU t wlllch t to_l'4e bu.t 40 not 4laplace tbe ng

but where the language managed to rub big breaks in the seismograph. The Grosvener heard it rumble by, where the winkful Teddy. Wells oft glues an ardent, amorous eye on pert and passing belles. Swiftly it shuddered to Goderich Street reminding the b

Nov 19, 2003 - shallower areas around the edge of the basin, where over 50% of N was returned to the water column as NH4. +. ...... darkness and at in-situ temperature (20 ± 1 °C) for approximately 24 hours using the set up in Figure 2-5. Bottom ..

depoei ted in an 01d etl'>cam channel (DeE.: Plate VlII ...... areas ivere bI'cccia \'Jith both stci.ining and rCIJlacemcnt by l'Ylal'lgtl- ne se eli ...... b.I>"-'"

component of magnetic intensity along the centre—lines of some magnetiC anomalies near ... components are compared, and estimates are given of the locations, depths ... A grid, with traverses in the true north direction, had been surveyed over the

Dec 23, 2015 - In August 1966 the earthquake questionnaire form shown in Plate 9 was distributed to nearly 400 observers ... are sufficiently responsible to complete a simple questionnaire. EVen Mission and Native Primary School teachers .... Frames

Deposit size ranges from small (veins) and disseminated (e.g. Timbarra. 700 koz Au contained in ~24 Mt at ~1 g/t Au of proven and probable resources; Mustard et al., 1998). Larger systems (Kidston: 140 t Au; Morrison et al., 1996). Many systems overs

J.M. Henry and Ko Blair. The information contained in this report has been obtained by the Department of Minerals and Energy ... concerning petroleum are offered in an endeavour to present facts that are often overlooked, or little ..... for liquid h

runout, model data. Suggested NAME TAPE deSignations are MAGDATA for MAGSIM and GRAVITY for GRAVSIM. The model is represented by the numerals .... WILLIAMS, J.P., 1970 - Geophysical investigation of the eastern margin of the Rum Jungle Complex, N.T.

GEOSCIENCE AUSTRALIA. SPATIAL INFORMATION FOR THE NATION. The Australian Landslides. Data Model. For further information contact: Monica Osuchowski Ph: 02 6249 9717 ... These databases range in scale and detail, and although some ... of data collecti

Department of National Development, as part of the policy of the Common- wealth Government, to assist in the exploration and development of mineral ! resources. .... the CowrciZ of Cc¶.entific rp-. InBwcrial Rescarah, It should bo gol:ltcb o-&?i tha

A central semi-plateau area, generall~r free of sand and dunes, corresponding to areas of Lmer ...... discovered; more particularly to trace ~eriods of deposition quiescence, movement, and erosion. 4. ..... Because of the slowness of the method evolv

bi tu.'ninous· - bit. black - bk. blue - bl. bottom - bot. boulder - bldr. brown - br. bre·::cia - brcc. bredciated - brectd. calcareous - calc. carbonaceous - carb. ..... B. TH.U/LB. 104 5 1. 2~ preywacke c. gr .1. gy. with irregular lam. I of car

mean faster access to land under native title claim. The new standard Aboriginal heritage agreements will allow prospecting and exploration licences to be fast-tracked in the Pilbara, Mid-West,. Central Desert, Goldfields and South- ... Tomingley pro

of Mac-Robertson and Kemp Lands (longitudes 57 0E to 64'E)(fig.1). Rock exposures are limited, probably forming leos than 1 percent of the total area, and ...

Rhodesia. has forced a reconsideration of the possibility.of syngonesis and has resulted in a recasting of such ... position of boundary linos and the existence of some zones 'depends upon the concentrations of sulfide and ... sulfate as tho source o

... Upper Jurassic Spores, although field mapping indicates that the samples were from Triassic rocks, are not included in. Table 3 9 as an error'in sample-labelling is_preSumedLtothave_occurred.. Only one-deep_well, AODANL_Jericho No.1 1 -has-yet_be

Orlando Mine. A fully equipped bore to utilise the supply encountered in. No. 8 bore has not yet boon constructed. The water supplies are not suitable for human consumption ... and it was known that Peko Mines would need additional quantities of ....

Mar 1, 2001 - energies) driving the form and function of Australian estuaries and coastal waterways, and has mapped ..... ESTUARINE CLASSIFICATION AND CONCEPTUAL MODELS OF WATERWAY FORM 3. 2.1. ...... Notes on the function of each navigation key will

and reef limestone and minor interbedded sediments. Late Neogene-Quaternary subparallel northwest-trending major faults cut the Gazelle Peninsula and.