(Los Angeles) and the 13th General Assembly of the Imp- (Berkeley), as a member of .... Temperature coefficients were checked by baseline value analys...

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Prospecting Co. A report on the bauxite investigation by G.A. Daniels, Mining Engineer ..... With the data available it could be deduced that the sediments display their ...... N CV. H°^. 171 c'l. w w al^ r"-.^. 14 14. 8. 1^. 1^. (42. ^ tri). 0^. 1.

Of t11::: r8.dio~,ctivc OCCU,l':;,'C::C:Cs i':hich have been investigated by com!)anies, discr'ete ... par'cs of' a VOlcanic m.ember· of' the generally al"enaceous succession. All other radioactive allomal ies co uld be ..... capping. Only one prosp

Oct 26, 1994 - 1. HIGH RESOLUTION SEISMIC. SURVEY OF THE NORTHERN. CARNARVON BASIN, NORTH. WEST SHELF, AUSTRALIA: SURVEY 136 POST- ... K.K. Romine, G. Cassim & Survey 136 Shipboard Party* ...... Vincent, P. & Tilbury, L., 1988 - Gas and oil fields of

Lone Star Mine. Cat's 'ltIhiskers Mine. Porphyry.Prospect. B.MIR. 3 Area. Northern Star Mine. Geochemical Surveys. Other Prospocts. Iron Blow Mine, Grove Hill Area. Other Aroas ... and services to Government Departments, the mining industry and the g

Mar 18, 2015 - Georgina Basin GIS Geoscience Data Package. Includes datasets on: • Landsat. • Map sheets & cross sections. • Potential field data. • Seismic lines locations and jpegs. • Wells. • Formation tops. • Biostratigraphy. • Sh

stone, dolomite, and quartzite; it crops out as hills with low to moderate relief. The Upper Proterozoic is represented by the Pilpah sandstone, which is a quartz sandstone with some conglomerate and appears to overlie the Maringa Beds. It outcrops a

part of the policy of the Australian Government to assist in the exploration and development of mineral resources. It may not be published in any form or used in a company prospectus or statement without the permission in writing of the Director. RES

aissance surveys in the areas where aeromagnetic data sugg- ested that ..... Self-potential data acquired over the entire survey grid are displayed in contour form in Plate 10. Data quality is good, noise generally being less than + 20 mV. It is appa

These data imply that primary isotope compositions have been masked by diagenetic carbonate cements generated from llC-enriched bicarbonate in pore waters after bacterial methanogenesis. The best approximation ... (cbl), comprising the crust and the

composed of shell debris with patchy deposits of guano. He concluded that the phosphate deposits are too thin to be exploited economically. His report,00n- tains numerous determinations of P2O .... Rec. 1958/77. TAUBE, A., 1964 - Australian North-Wes

PHOTOGRAPH REFEREKE SYSTEM. OTALLER^ .... FINC,Iln LON -^lags., at balm.. ton net at

THE USE OF COMPUTERS FOR TBE STORAGE AND ANALYSIS OF GEOLOGIC DATA by. T. Quinlan. The information ... of Computer programmes which has been developed by the U.S. Geological Survey was used for this work. ..... (1) Numerical Taxonomy, for the classif

Apr 21, 2016 - Accumulations Used to Define the Petroleum. Systems of the Browse Basin ... LNG production infrastructure in progress. • Ichthys pipeline ...

GENERAL REMARKS. 1. 'Tenement' is a general word used to cover all types of permits, licences and leases ..... 2, 6 & 7 and that part of P.E.L. No. ti south of Lat. 29 ° 0' 0" S., EBBO Exploration Australia Inc. will ..... The area given excludes th

SUMMARY: Micropalaeontological and palynological examinations of cores and cuttings from Delhi-Santos Mornington Island. No.1 Well have been carried out to observe the distri- bution of microfossils in the Cretaceous of the well situated in the Carpe

Graph of maximum amplitude against period for pulsations recorded at Brisbane^(G82/1-37). 1966/191 ... Z. Characteristic of the three graphs is the large ratio of dynamic to static sensitivity near resonance (static and ... almost flat from infinite

xxxxxxx x ~L ~C~. x x x. ~. \. 152 0. 2 0 0. Basement ridges definin g. Jurassic-Cretaceous basins. x x x X x x x x x x. " L '/. /'. \ v v. x x -x eF'" x A-~ r: ~ L .iP\. /. 320 x X X. x x x x. flUS 1132 1. Figure 1. Regional setting. The nomenclatur

Bureau of Resource Sciences) have devel• oped a minerals and energy resources and locations information system. MINERALIS - which provides interac• tive facilities via the intranet for AGSO's resource geologists. A proposal to make it accessible

Jun 16, 2003 - Bill McKay). Tantalum, lithium and tin minerals are recovered from pegmatite (white frame) in two distinct areas – tantalum/tin from the Cornwall Pit and lithium from the adjacent Spodumene Pit (see Lithium ..... to examine the econo

homogeneous medium-grained, massive, grey granite. This granite is composed of white feldspar, light brown quartz and small thin flakes of biotite. Xenoliths are about one or two percent of the rock. These are of two types: dark biotite-rich rocks, a

rNE—. CEOLOay^ rof-e7. •. PlOVNT HIWZR/S. No/21WERN ---rfevrox. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ...... normal to 010. This evidence plus the fact that the R.I. of the phenocrysts varies around the R.I. of Canada Bals

Trace elements^. 66. Significance of trace element distribution^67. DISCUSSION^. 70. VARIATION DIAGRAMS^. 73. Solidification index and calc-alkali index ...... inclusions (c.f o CL206/G, Plate 25) is present in several quartz trachrtea. (iv) fe,

Tarcoola Formation (~1650 Ma): siltstone, shale, quartzite, conglomerate, tuff, basalt. Harris Greenstone Sequence (~>2500 Ma): komatiite, komatiitic basalt, felsic volcanics, banded iron formation, metasediments. Harris Greenstone Belt, Gawler Crato

basin's in Upper Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic times are similar in several respects. The Mesozoic section of Chandos No. 1 was sampled by few cores and little information of general value has been obtained from it. However, certain log similar