part of the policy of the Australian Government to assist in the exploration and development of mineral resources. It may not be published in any form...

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results and to correlate gravity and seismic data with a view to the . elucidation of ... as it was intended to supplement the seismic data and to investigate ..... Rep. 72. GIBB, R.A., 1965 - Surat Basin, gravity readings along seismic traverses in

Absolute calibration of the magnetograms was by an Askania declinometer,. La Cour quartz horizontal magnetometer (QHM), and Geometrics and Austral proton precession magnetometers. These instruments were compared before and after use in the field at C

copper" type.^Immediately prior to the field season,. Enterprise Exploration Pty.Ltd.. decided to carry out a similar programme in the same area.^It was then decided that the. Bureau party ... This rapid cutting back of the stream is thought to be du

Nov 9, 2015 - cal replicates (Fig. 1b); this indicated the robustness and reproduc- ibility of our MS-based peptide quantitation methods. Proteomic data revealed protein abundance and specific protein isoforms or orthologs, which ..... Selective prog

Jan 9, 2016 - or rubidium-strontium method. X-Ray diffraction and fluorescence, and mass spectograph methods are used to determine mineral content of samples; they are used also to test micas for presence of chlorite, which influences measurements in

160G/1. Report 5. 9th July, 1956. EXAMINATION. OF SPECIMENS COLLECTED FROM THE THACKARINGA HILLS. AREA NEAR BROKEN HILL N.S.W. by ...... The origin of the clay mineral (R,I, less than that of balsam) is again a matter for speculation.^It does not app

to a matchinB amplifier driving the output transformer. Demodulator. The input from the telephone line passes through the isolating transformer to an R C amplifier. ... Protection: (1) Wiring to be isolated and separated (in distance) from the wiring

Apr 20, 2005 - The principal aim of the project has been to understand why some faults systems are mineralised and why others are barren, and whether a mantle component is essential to form major ore deposits. The objective of the study has been to d

hindering problems such as sugar cane fields, swamps and underground public utility services. From the reconnaissance, two ...... ZSV-730. •. Personnel carrier. Toyota troop carrier, 4X4. ZBE-733. Drilling spares. 4 wheel trailer. ZTL-Sll. •. Kit

Silver Bell area: location of traverses^(K55/B7-141). Plate 13. Silver Bell area: ..... persists over the whole of the area surveyed and for a distance of. 3300 feet on ...

to cne small 2rC8 of the thin nernnstite band v'/t'ich OCC11'('S [llo the contact t',aeen the two' g~~nites Etnd I~lhicb dips L:ently sDuthl',T:rds c:t pltlces in the v·Jorkings. The are;:' significant activi t;;' is in B short gal ry in the w

The information contained in this report has been obtained by the Department of National Development as part of the policy of the Commonwealth Government to assist in the exploration and development of mineral resources. It may not be published in an

the Sir Edward Pellew Islands. It flows through the survey area which is located .... for analysis taken from the individual piles at various depths, or combined to give any type of bulk sample such as soil, ...... should be possible to add a compute

1984, hydrogeological investigations have been undertaken to assess ... to the localised leaching of salts left in the soil profile following irrigation. An assessment ..... and Energy. Report Book 87/87. Stadter, M.H., 1984 - Keith- Willalooka- Bord

1966/174. MELBOURNE OBSERVATORY GROUP. ANNUAL REPORT, 1963 by. C.A. van der Waal ... The Milne-Shaw seismograph from Melbourne and the long-period Lamont seismographs from Perth were .... for these instruments because the three single-channel. Lamont

(ordovician) of America,. blltthO strnigbtnOsG or the cUSp :and the proscnoo of tIle :SllarJ>lJ'-convox. ·Jcce1., ti10t1nguiGh i.t :from that: f:orm. pcpm~cnco. - . South Gorga, ~7atorhouso Rtl.l1S0, Ccntr,ol Australia • . A8o_..... Or,doV.!~n(r.s


planning investigations that ide~tify geological constraints result in considerably more efficient use of available funds. Some older areas of Canberra developed without geological appraisal have suffered drainage and foundation problems necessitatin

present at the workshop, many of whom took part in discussion. Mineral resource ... assessments of our identified resources and of their likely .... been recognised. Early attempts were made over 20 years ago but relatively little has been published

outputs of this project will have wider applications in mineral exploration and environmental assessment and ... through a series of collaborative pilot projects between GA, the Cooperative Research Centre for. Landscape ...... an abridged form below

Wewak, indicated a maximum velocity of 1600 mis for weathered mudstone at the surface (Appendix 4). More probably the 1900 m/s material is both consolidated Recent sediments and Pliocene weathered mudstone, and the two are indistinguishable. Experien

" ltOlrlJ_r. In tbe o.eoade 19$0-1940. tble W01"k reo.! ved efm814enbl. lmpet~8 as tbe :te:l1owtng fa_myles ahow 1- !IIUV IIID! O~IGI, Hi. if"". 1s pd. .,,0.7 ... Mbatant1aln_ gi.lld depollits en that f1eld., bnt the. Page 14. A, ~. See

Stereisporites antiquasporites (Wilson & Webster). Cingutriletes clavus (Balme). Cicatricosisporites australiensis Cookson & Dettmann. Contignisporites glebulentus Dettmann. Trilobosporites purverulentis Dettmann. Microreticulatisporites pud ens Balm

regions in the north-east corner of SANDSTONE and the north-west and north-east of YOUANMI have been ..... mapped greenstone belt around Sandstone, north-east and north-west trends are evident, which converge northwards about an ...... Staff provided