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High-speed 2700 r.p.m. permanent magnet motor produces more power per pound. • Stainless steel, rust free grinding components. • Sound insulated for quiet ...

You can automatically log in to external service accounts when you log into your Samsung account by linking your ...... From the MPAA: “The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has implemented a rating system that provides ..... Press the C

DR COMPLETED. LG Electronics Inc. UNIT. SCALE N S mm. REVIEWED. DESIGNED. RELATED DWG. ..... 4. 7. 1 Top Wash Impeller. 2 Upper Spray Arm. 3 Lower Spray Arm. 4 Filtration System ...... using the information transmitted for analysis. NOTE ...... Recue

Improving Your Viewing Experience of Sports Events. 2 ...... Search Engine. Searches for information that you requested, and then displays a list of web pages that contain the information. ○. Privacy & Security. Prevents access to ..... After addin

Website: www.summitappliance.com. Model/Modelo ..... NOTE: If there is a drain line near the ice maker, the best choice is to drain water to the drain line ...

packed with product for current dimensional data. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES. UX10DC83SS - 10(ft.) Ceiling Duct Cover Kit. Max ceiling height installation with ...

or call GE Answer Center® Service, 800.626.2000. Specification Revised 9/17. EXHAUST OPTION: When viewed from the front of the unit, exhaust 3-way via rear, left and bottom. Dryer is shipped exhausted to the rear. Alternate exhausting knockouts are

into each of the free ends of two water hoses. Connect hot ..... For greater convenience and faster service, you can now download Owner's Manuals, order parts ...... pequeñas o ultra delicadas en bolsas de malla antes del lavado. Prendas deportivas

SUMMIT APPLIANCE DIVISION, FELIX STORCH, INC. | ISO 9001:2008 Certified. 770 Garrison Avenue Bronx, NY 10474 USA TEL 718-893-3900 FAX 844-478- ...

Incoming water filter net is clogged! 3.Floating ball of water inlet valve in ... Call your dealer to replace a new inlet .... (drawing for distance of installing holes ) .

1. Download the LG Smart Laundry & DW App to your smart phone. 2. Turn on the NFC (Near Field Communication) function in your smart phone. • The Tag On function can be used with most smart phones equipped with the NFC function and based on the Andr

Samsung Front-Load Washer. 5.6 cu. ft. Capacity DOE. Features. • PowerFoam™. • Steam Washing. • SuperSpeed. • Smart Care. • Self Clean+. • VRT Plus™. • Eco Cold Wash. • Swirl Drum Design. • Direct Drive Motor. • 1300 rpm Maxim

Weight. 126.0 lbs. Canadian Electrical Safety. ULC. Voltage/Frequency. 115 V AC/60 Hz. Energy Usage/Year. 423.0 kWh/year. US Electrical Safety. UL. Amps.

or GE® appliance questions, visit our website at geappliances.com or call ... If the room is smaller, there must be a louvered door. Louvers should be 240 square inches. (0.15m2) or greater. If two louvers are used, one should be near the top of the

Door Alarm ... All other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 1/25/16 ... Height to Top of Door Hinge.

ENERGY STAR qualified ADA compliant refrigerator- freezer in white with frost-free operation. Highlights: True frost-free operation saves you maintenance by.

10. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. CONNECTING THE WATER LINES. • LG recommends the use of LG hoses. Any leak- ing, property damage, or damage to the washing machine caused ...... The Tag On function can be used with most smart phones equipped with the

Please contact your service agents. • If dust or water enters the refrigerator, unplug the refrigerator and contact your Samsung. Electronics service center.

Allow 2-1/2" minimum distance between rear edge of cutout and nearest combustible surface above countertop. • Allow 9" minimum clearance from edge of cooktop to nearest combustible wall on either side of unit. • Installation of drawers beneath co

ETL-S listed to NSF standards for commercial use. Digital thermostat ... Heat-safe design offers full display, with a stainless steel trim for an added touch of style.

digital clock/timer, oven window and light ... Deluxe backguard includes digital clock and timer ... Smart design limits the depth and protects adjacent cabinets.

ETL-S listed to NSF-7 Standards for use in commercial establishments. Digital thermostat ... Environmentally friendly design with no ozone-damaging chemicals ...