Optineurin mediates negative regulation of Rab8 function by

Aug 1, 2012 - HeLa cells were infected with adenoviruses expressing shRNA against optineurin to knockdown endogenous optineurin or with control ...

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Key words: GTPase, MDM2, p53 tumor suppressor, Ubiquitylation, Ras superfamily, GTPase ..... and MDM2 proteins employing an in vitro ubiquitylation assay. As shown in Fig. ..... healthcare) according to manufacturer's protocol. S-tagged ...

Aug 13, 2002 - Erik G. Lund's present address is: Merck and Co., Rahway,. New Jersey, USA. .... Free bile acids were then identified and quantitat- ed as described (23). ... linked to a series 1100 refractive index detector (19). Measurement of ...

analysis of protein extracted from zebrafish using antibodies against OPTN and actin showed efficiency of OPTN silencing. (C) Quantification of motor axon length and branching in zebrafish injected with two different OPTN AMO revealed shorter motor n

Apr 8, 1980 - plement- and/or immunoglobulin (Ig)G-coated latex particles ... 1 Abbreviations used in this paper: HA, hyaluronic acid;. PMN ... This stimulation was achieved with a co-opsonic effect .... This indicates that the stiimulated phago- ...

Somatic Cell Genetic Approaches in Murine Macrophage Cell Lines to Mechanisms of Growth Inhibition, the Oxidative .... to isolate variants in oxidative metabolism from the J774.16 ..... CGD, which is characterized by repeated infection and an.

Apr 8, 1980 - METHODS. Patients. The patient group consisted of 10 patients with impaired host resistance defined as extreme propensity for bacterial infections and impaired phagocytic activity of their. PMN (i.e., a phagocytic rate < 0.45 min-', as

Mar 8, 1976 - San Francisco, Calif, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1829. (Fisher type VII.) (13) was a bacteremic isolate ...... sonic activity (37). 11 of 30 patients were bacteremic with "resistant" strains, and 4 of 30 had defects com- pared to normal

The extracellular serine proteases of the trypsin family are well-known for their functions in blood in the formation and dissolution of blood clots, the regulation of blood pressure and the activation of complement. In all of these processes, it is

Apr 3, 1991 - We next synthesized a short DNA sequence corresponding to the putative nCaRE in the rANP gene (nCaRE-ANP)aswell as a DNA sequence where five bases are mutated (nCaRE-. ANPmut). The nCaRE-ANP has one base different from the palindromic p

anesthetized with a mixture of xylazine and ketamine. (13 and 87 mg/kg body weight, respectively). Supple- mental doses were given every 1.5 hours as needed ...

Feb 2, 2011 - 4GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Center, Shanghai, China. Th17 cells are a ... It has been reported that LXR is essential for mac-.

by thyroid-stimulating antibody. Takao Ando, Rauf Latif, and Terry F. Davies. Division of ... been developed using immunization with TSHR antigen. We now know that the native conformation of the TSHR is ..... Goldberg, Samira Daniel, and Reigh-Yi Lin

1985. Interferon gamma modulates protein kinase C activity in murine peritoneal macrophages. J. Biol. Chem. 260:1378-. 1381. 29. Bohler, M.-C., R. A. Seger, R. Mouy, E. Vilmer, A. Fischer, and. C. Griscelli. 1986. A study of 25 patientswith chronic g

May 5, 2005 - teins of the virus, each of which promotes the loss of surface CD1d expression following transfection into uninfected cells. Inhibition of ...... Beckman, E.M., et al. 1996. CD1c restricts respons- es of mycobacteria-specific T cells. E

Abstract. Rabbit alveolar macrophages were cultured in an environment conducive to the secretion of both reactive oxygen and pro- teinases, so that the relative importance of proteolytic and oxidative inactivation of a1-proteinase inhibitor by alveol

has been particularly useful in these studies. Their conspicu- ous morphology and invariant position ... Key words: achaete-scute, extramacrochaetae, Drosophila, Helix-. Loop-Helix, pattern formation. SUMMARY ... scription/translation and the hb DNA-

murine pCPB gene, a replacement-type targeting vector was constructed in which a neomycin gene ...... sage embryonic stem cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.

Nov 11, 2018 - 16Institute of Anesthesiological Pathophysiology and Process Engineering, ... necrotizing colitis (10) in infants, infectious diarrhea, celiac dis-.

[144] reported that. R. leguminosarurn bv. trifolii produces and ex- cretes N-acetylglutamic acid in a nod gene-de- ... In contrast, NodA could not be de- tected in nodules of Pisum sativum [133]. NodC has significant ...... In: Bergey's Manual of Sy

Structure, function and regulation of cytochrome P-450 forms in fish. JOHN J. STEGEMAN,* BRUCE R. WOODIN ... systems, linked to a single form or a family of cytochrome P-. 450. A multiplicity of cytochrome P-450 ... Recently we obtained (unpublished

Oct 30, 2014 - Synaptic scaffold proteins control the localization of ion channels and receptors ... bodies that project intracellularly from the AZ core and connect to ..... S12). Collectively, the above data provide evidence that DYSC and SLO act i

Oct 24, 2012 - bone (Bi et al., 1999). One of the major roles of chondrocytes ..... chondrocyte marker, Sox9 (Bell et al., 1997; Bi et al., 1999), was confined to chondrocyte progenitors, which form the ...... helix-loop-helix transcription factor tw

(Supplemental Figure 4 and data not shown). Mobilization of. cAMP-responsive events is known to suppress receptor-mediated phagocytosis in macrophages (32). Accordingly, pretreatment with pharmacological inhibitors of PKA, including H89 and PKA amide

231. Feedback regulators in normal and tumour tissues. B. I. LORD. Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christie Hospital, Manchester M20 9BX, UK. Summary. Regulation of cell behaviour and population size is presumed to be not unlike classical reg