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AAAAAAAAwA. WashInton, DC. 20006. REPLIGEN. A A A iA"."' AMAAM}. M (rProtein Ag). [ _ _ 2;:h.AAAAAA. M ... in orni sns alid. *SliXll|.l= 1 1 w~~~~~~~~...

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484460) paid at Washington, DC, and additional mailing offices. ... 137 Amplification Complementary DNA m Mass Analyzer m Handheld Homogenizer a.

DOI: 10.1126/science.os-1.4.30. (4), 30-31. os-1. Science. ARTICLE TOOLS http://science.sciencemag.org/content/os-1/4/30.citation. PERMISSIONS.

Assistant Editor: Mildred Atwood. Advertising Manager: Theo. J. Christensen. Policy Committee: Malcolm H. Soule, Roger Adams, Walter R. Miles and Kirtley F. Mather. VOL. 103. FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 1946. No. 2685. Contents. Availability of Radioactive Isot

Syphilis-a Public Health Problem: DR. THOMAS. Metabolism of ... and PROFESSOR P. W.. Program of the Cambridge Meeting of the British ... of Medusae: DR. L. H. HYMAN. Medical Classics: tion for the Advancement of Science. Information regard-. DR. EMER

Garrison, N. Y. New York City: Grand Central Terminal. Annual Subscription, $6.oo.Single Copies, I5 Cts. SCIENCE is the official organ of the American Associa- tion for the Advancement of Science. Information regard- ing membership In the Association

French Science: In Midst of a Freeze,. Science Minister Calls for Expansion. 1840. Quantity No Longer Counts in ... Developing World's Big Killers. Board of Reviewing Editors. Frederick W. Alt. Don L. Anderson .... Time-Resolved Imaging of Translucen

assiduously devoted to the work of his pro- fessorship. Occasional visits to Europe have brought himn into personal relations with the mathematicians and the institutions of other countries. Academic honors, as little sought as they were well deserve

of the North Carolina Agricultural Experi- ment Station and are ... NORTH CADOMNA AGRICULTURAL. EXPERIMENT STATION, .... (c) Base convex. (C) Stem contracting from base-with or without barbing. (a) Base concave. (b) Base straight. (c) Baseconvex. Not

This oviraptorid embryo from Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia, in the Gobi Desert is the first definitive embryo of a nonavian theropod dinosaur. It is a near-hatchling, curled in a fetal position. In the upper left is an eggshell fragment showing the outer su

log (A-y) -log A-Kv, where K is a constant A the maximum anmount of phosphate thesoil can ta-ke up under the conditions of the experiment, and y the amount it has taken up when the volume v of the phosphate .... slightly on storage during the various

765 Whose Notes Are They? * It's Not Over Yet. 766 British Biologists Learn Small Is ... 776 Air Pollution and Forest Decline in a Spruce (Picea abies) Forest: E.-D. SCHULZE. 783 RNA-Protein Interactions in 30S ... Foreign postage extra: Canada $46,

ents; the mean heights of clouds from different directions; themean velocities and frequencies of the clouds at different heights; the frequen- cies of the different c rrents at different heights, etc. The mere enumeration of the headings of these ta

subscription (51 issues): $195. Foreign postage extra: Mexico, Caribbean (surface mail) $50; other countries (air assist delivery) $95. First class, airmail, student and emeritus rates on request. Canadian rates with GST available upon request, GST #

social community in Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Results of noninvasive genotyping from the hair of chimpanzees from Gombe and other communities across Africa support the influence of kin selection and. Newtonian Dislocation Creep in. 1204. Quartzi

arranging, classifying, methodizing, simplifying everything except itself. It has made possible the tremendous modern development of the power of organization which has so multiplied the effective power of human effort as to make the difference from

r 346. 347. O 349. Leukemia Studies Continue to Draw a Blank. Poor Dose Data Hamper Study of Cleanup Workers. PERSPECTIVES. Giant Magnetoresistance in. Transition Metal Oxides. C. N. R. Rao and A. K. Cheetham. Green Light for Steroid Hormones. D. W.

F. Laporte * Other Books of Interest: Atlas ofCom- pact Groups ofGalaxies; Ketenes * Vignettes a. Books Received ... Structure and Density of FeS at High. 1892. Pressure and High Temperature and the ... The title SCIENCE isa registered trademark of t

May 15, 2012 - students in Grade 7 should realize that the human body has parts that help it seek and take in food when it feels hunger. ... The concepts from this lesson also build a foundation for concepts tested in Reporting Category 4: Biological

Scientific Apparatus and Laboratory Methods: Science and Engineering: PROFESSOR ARTHUR E. ... gineers; Honorary Degrees at Harvard and Yale......... 9.

Retiring President,. Alan Schriesheim. Chairman. Jean'ne M. Shreeve. F. Sherwood Rowland. Chang-Lin Tien. President. Warren M. Washington. Eloise E. Clark. President-elect. William T. Golden. Mary Ellen Avery ... R. J. Tonucci, B. L. Justus, A. J. Ca

Magnitude is, of course, only a convenient numerical ... (print ISSN 0036-8075; online ISSN 1095-9203) is published by the American Association for. Science.

366 Tiger Teams Draw Researchers' Snarls a "Buying Into" the Reforms .... 437 Dynamic Tracking of Cardiac Vulnerability by Complex Demodulation of the T.

The AnFerican Association for the Advance- ment of Science:- The Need of Conservation of Our Vital and. Natural Resources as emphasized by the. Lessons of the War: PRESIDENT HENRY. STURGIs DRINKER ....................... Chemistry and Medicine-a Trib

SCIENCE : A WEEKLY RECORD OF SCIENTIFIC. PROGRESS. JOHN MICHELS, Editor. PCiA.lSlIhi) AT a. 229 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. cal and mathematical science. This is the first great want. .... direction, by metn traitned in thie methods of physi- Iapprove of the