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484460) paid at Washington, DC, and additional mailing offices. ... 137 Amplification Complementary DNA m Mass Analyzer m Handheld Homogenizer a.

DOI: 10.1126/science.os-1.4.30. (4), 30-31. os-1. Science. ARTICLE TOOLS http://science.sciencemag.org/content/os-1/4/30.citation. PERMISSIONS.

ment of Science: Section D-Mechanical Science and Engi- neering: PROFESSOR WILLIAM T. MAGRUDER 361 .... Bissell, of Iowa State College of Agricul- ture and Mechanic Arts,Ames, Iowa, was elected a member of the ...... What are we straining our best fa

The eighth article, by Professor C.J. Herrick, is on the ... translated from the second revised edition by. ROBERT ... An Introduction to Physical Chemistry. JAMES.

Chemistry (C) .................................. ... The British National Physical Laboratory; The. Leverhulme ... SCIENCE: A Weekly Journal devoted to the Advance- ment of ...

laws of motion, etc.; three chemical labora- tories for qualitative and quantitative ... world have lost three great men, Helm- holtz, Freytag and Ludwig. Of these ...

The American Association for the Advancement of ... versity; The Chemical Laboratory at the Univer- ... SCIENCE: A Weekly Journal devoted to the AdvanCe-.

12. Scientific Journals and Articles ..... ...... 18. Societies and Academies:- The New York Section of the American. Chemical Society: C. M. JOYCE ..... ..... 18.

The Animal as a Machine and Prime Mover: R. H.. THURSTON . ... trated by it in transformation of potential ... formation, storage and application of energy.

the accompanying curve) after reaching its maximum from 1880 to 1884 has ... not be reversed by inconsiderate im- pulse. As Huxley has said, "there may.

ogy: PROFESSOR HERBERT S.LANGFELD ............ 243. A Universal Dilatometer: R. HOLCOMB. Perma-. Obituary: nent Slides for Use in Teaching the Howard.

period of uncertainty from which it could emerge either strengthened iened. Those who believe in the long-term benefits to society of pro- larried on by NSF ...

University and Educational News....................... 383. MSS. intended for publication and books, etc., intended for review should be sent to the responsible editor, ...

Institute of Medicine Elects New Members 886. Research ... Blinks Past. Forensic Science: Botanical Witness ... P. B. Armstrong * Vignettes * Books Received.

crust, the nature of its rocks and other formations, the fossil remains of geologic ages, the elevation of its mountains, and the forces that tend to level the same.

Optical Illusion: C.B.WARRING. Embryos of the Snooth Dogfish (Galeus ... preceding, and the future growth of these congresses is assured. They are accom-.

Observations iupoul theFilterability of Bacteria, inclutding a. Filterable ... St-entific Notes and News ..146. Discussion: ... 1 The Jaiines A. Patteni Lecture in Bacteriology, North- western Universitv Medical Selool, Chicago, Illinois, July. 22. 1

Life and Letters of William Barton Rogers: T. C. ... New York Section of the American Chemical So- ... for review should be sent to the responsible editor, Prof.J.

The Niagara Frontier Research Council; Appro- priations for Grant-in-Aid by the National Re- search Council; Officers of the American Chemical. Society .

N. L. BRITTON, Botany; C. S. MINOT, Embryology, Histology; H. P. BOWDITCH,. Physiology; J. S. BILLINGS, Hygiene; WILLIAM H. WELCH, Pathology;.

ube; The Location of Settlements; Mittendorf's. Peru: W.M.DAVIS. ... Advancement of Science, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005. 2017 © The ...

The History of Science in Postwar Education: DR. Special Articles: HENRY E. ... Gage: P~op~ssou B. F. KINGSBURYALPRED H. FREE and OTHERS. Prolonging Effec- ... Few of our greatuniversities offer any courses at all, and among them ...

J. LE CONTE, Geology; NW. M. DAVIS, Physiography; 0. C. MARSH, Paleontology; W. K. BROOKS,. C. HART MERRIAM, Zoology; S. H. SCUDDER, Entomology ...

reshapes the NAS. 558. Blue light phototropism. DEPARTMENTS. Frederick W. Alt. Don L. Anderson. Michael Ashburner. Stephen J. Benkovic. David E. Bloom.