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Mr. Baker as one of the nation's 40 best ERISA attorneys and Chambers. USA (2007–2011) describes him as “an ERISA ... class involving alleged loss...

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to the .XXX TLD for hosting adult entertainment websites.” Plaintiffs' efforts were stymied by their own complaint when they alleged that Manwin's own was the most popular free adult video website on the Internet. Thus, since the releva

information technology and business process outsourcing, global ... my entire career. It was extremely complicated, involving simultaneous negotiations over several months with multiple vendors. Then I learned. I was pregnant! I was hesitant about ..

until 2015 certain vessels unloading oil in bulk at a deepwater port or offloading in lightering activities within an established lightering zone more than 60 miles off- shore. as a practical matter, the use of single-hull tank vessels in the U.s. is

[email protected] & Strawn is published periodically for Winston & Strawn attorneys, clients, and friends. Executive editor: Amanda Groves (Partner, San Francisco office, (415) 591-1409). Managing editor: Paula Tsurutani (Business Development, Chicag

ington policymakers on most subjects in advance of the midterm elections, Congress enacted into law a ... that the Coast guard “must have command-and-control and mis- sion support structures that ... this provision does not resolve all the issues s

Tests used by courts and enforcement agencies for ... Settlement of $97 million for independent “freelancers” hired under independent ..... Would create a new federal offense for intentional and unintentional contractor misclassification. ○. In

ILLINOIS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. The Constitution of the State of Illinois broadly declares that “[g]eneral admin- istrative and supervisory authority over all courts is vested in the Supreme Court.”1 Il- linois Supreme Court Rule 383 provides the

litigation concerning vitamin price-fixing. □. Defendants sought a motion for a protective order to bar ... District court orders production of a German phone book containing work/home telephone numbers of German employees. □ .... Protection Dire

to a new wave of investigations into whether fraudulent or actionable conduct lies at the heart of recent ... In those situations, a creditors' committee, al- though representative to a degree, may not be able to provide timely .... conducted the cri

Mar 5, 2013 - Since the last edition of eDiscovery Advantage, three states have either adopted or proposed new rules on electronic discovery, the Western District of Washington adopted new eDiscovery Rules and a model agreement governing the discover

The new UK Bribery Act comes into force in April 2011. It has been described by some as the most draconian anti- corruption law in the world. It reflects a tough new stance from UK enforcement agencies that within the last two years have ratcheted up

Apr 25, 2014 - unwind Bazaarvoice's acquisition of competitor ... 1 Section 7 of the Clayton Act prohibits mergers and acquisitions where the effect “may be.

Cash Grant. ○. Exception is recent wind projects with high capacity factors and reduced capital costs for which the PTC is proving to be more valuable. □ .... operating cash flow until the investor earns a specified pre- tax cash return on ... Th

Revlon standard; issues of Delaware practice and procedure; remedies available under Delaware law; selection .... The Court reasoned that the question of whether privity exists between the respective shareholder plaintiffs ...... between the opposing

The Delaware Supreme Court and Delaware Court of Chancery are generally regarded as the country's premier business courts, and their decisions carry significant influence over matters of corporate law throughout the country, both because of the court

analysis. • Heavy reliance on attorney review. • Use of sampling to ensure quality control. Predictive Coding. • Great deal of confusion regarding what it means .... Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (PLSA) (i.e., documents are categorized

Section 157(b)(2) provides a non-exhaustive list of examples of core issues: ..... For example, it could be argued as unconstitutional for bankruptcy judges to ... d f d d l. “ ○. While 28 U.S.C. § 157(c)(1) allows a bankruptcy judge to render f

question whether the American Cyanamid criteria remain valid in patent interim injunction hearings. Novartis is the ... the status quo. In American Cyanamidthe court explained that the reason for introducing cross-undertakings in damages permitted th

N. orders approving the sale of property other than property resulting from claims brought by the estate against persons who have not filed ..... bankruptcy process. ◗. Nothing in its decision limited a bankruptcy court's ability to continue to hea

Oct 15, 2012 - Each calendar quarter, the Delaware Quarterly analyzes and summarizes key .... a pre-suit Section 220 books and records demand – and the. 3. ...... A post- purchase price adjustment clause (the “Adjustment”) set forth that Seller

key decisions of the Delaware courts on corporate and commercial issues, along with other significant developments in ... allegedly approving business plans that contemplated (and countenanced) illegal marketing activities ...... Chancellor Parsons p

and a record number of bank failures, has led to a new wave .... Farland ([email protected]) has four decades of ..... retraining personnel in customer service.

governance topics, including: advance notice bylaws; ... federal court's earlier dismissal of a substantially similar derivative suit for failure .... Judgment”).(20). Two weeks later, the defendants in the. Delaware action supplemented their motio

Spent the last two years studying the e-discovery p y. y g y marketplace and designing a new platform. □ Benchmarked the entire industry, including other. l f d. d f d law firms, vendors and software providers. □ Built an e-discovery consulting s