JDSU: Datasheet - WESTOVER HD2 Display

microscope (PCM) to inspect male connectors, and a visual fault locator (VFL) to locate damaged or broken optical fibers. Note: All JDSU HD-series ana...

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Compact and rugged design makes it an ideal field tool. • Large front panel provides easy access for the .... Document both ends of the link with one piece of test equipment. Communicate along the fiber ... The OFI-2000 not only functions as a stan

FOX functionality allows for automatic continuity check, bi-directional IL, ORL, and length measurements with a single key press. • FTTx ready by integrating ...

testing with TruPacket™ suite of IP tests, both over RF and Ethernet interfaces. • Rugged, lightweight design can withstand rain, cold, heat, hits, drops, and other accidental mishaps. • Wide range of configurations available to cover the funda

protection switching) during verification, installation and commissioning of new transmission systems. ... This set-up ensures the independence from the applied protection mechanism and assures that the .... specifications, function, fit or form of i

Highlights. • New Version 3.0 brings graphical results, pattern slip generation, sync loss criteria and EIA-530A as standard features. • New FB-8000-ADVR option detects broken leads on incoming balanced leads and graphically reports clock vs. dat

The modular design of the MTS-6000 offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality with over 40 different fiber modules supporting a wide range of applications. The versatility of the MTS-6000 allows technicians to standardize using one type of t

for installation and maintenance of fiber networks. Key Features. Advanced modular tester for high precision FTTx testing. The unique JDSU MTS-5100 is a fiber ...

and generous talk battery capability of Tonax. COMMUNICATIONS TEST & MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS. Applications. • Trace and troubleshoot wires in a home, business, or MDU complex. • Tone trace for triple-play installations, home theater, security, mult

Serving as a complementary tool for physical layer testing during installation and maintenance, the VFL and inspection scope check the quality of the front connector and visually locate faults on the fiber jumpers. Built-in talk set allowing communic

Impressive speed and high performance testing (up to. 128,000 acquisition points with 0.1 s real time sweep). • Shortest event dead zone of 0.8 m and attenuation dead zone of 4m, highest dynamic range of 50 dB at 1550 nm. • Continuous wave (CW) f

0.5 m event dead zone and 2 m attenuation dead zone (multimode). • TIA/IEC pass/fail thresholds. • Optimized for testing 10 MB to 40 GE. • Can be combined with Ethernet/. CPRI tests. • Enables Tier 2 certification of premises networks (for Ti

Technical data. Characteristics. Analog strain gauge amplifier. Analog strain gauge amplifier. Page-1. - Input strain gauge: up to 4 full bridges parallel (350 Ω).

Rugged, ergonomic design for field use ... The FM-C-series microscopes use coaxial illumination to provide users with ... Inspect various connector types with.

Plugs directly into PC/laptop via USB 2.0 connection. • Produces crisp, clear view of fiber end face condition with high-resolution 5MP camera and coaxial illumination. P5000 Digital Probe Microscope and FiberChekPRO™. Automated Fiber Inspection

FastReport — onboard report generation. Key Benefits. • Ideal OTDR test solution for multiple network applications from access/PON FTTH to ultra-long-haul distances. • Industry-leading dead zone performance for full element event characterizati

The FM-DI-series microscopes provide dual-illumination, both coaxial and oblique, to produce the highest-quality image detail and superior view of fiber end.

The P5000 digital probe microscope connects directly to a PC or laptop via a USB 2.0 connection, and ... HTML or PDF format. FiberChekPRO Automated Procedures. 1. Acquires the fiber image. 2. Analyzes the image. 3. Finds defects and their location to

and off-line usage and included in both packages: 8635 protocol analyzer and 8635 off-line protocol analyzer. Protocol viewer. The protocol viewer is the main ... Wireshark, pcap. Call trace. A right mouse click assembles the signaling information re

0.5/0.8 meter (m) event dead zone in multi- mode/single mode for highest network precision. • High dynamic range (24/24/40/38/37 dB). • Bend detection in single mode. • Propagation delay measurement in multi-mode. Multi-application optical test

measure basic RF signal level; test telephone circuits for caller ID and other features; and ... Coax Mapper™. Coax Cable Tester. Resi-Tracer™. Tone Detector and. Cable Finder. Tri-Porter™ Premises Wiring Tester. The Six-in-One Premises Wiring

WEBSITE: www.jdsu.com/test. COMMUNICATIONS TEST & MEASUREMENT ... The revolutionary Touch2 design, with intuitive touch screen at both ends makes using the Certifier40G the easiest cable ... The JDSU Certifier40G drives maximum value with a flexible,

The JDViewer application software provides all of the necessary tools to operate these instruments more conveniently including: • Quickly exchange data via USB or LAN connection. • Retrieve or save measurements. • Export measurement results. â€

and injection counts in frames / continuous injection support. TRAFFIC. PRBS 7 / 11 / 15 / 23 / 31 / 4-byte sequence / 16-byte sequence / pattern invert.

Common Cathode R/H Decimal point. 3.5 min. 8.0. 15.24 grey* face. 7 SEGMENT LED DISPLAY. 14.2mm (0.56") SINGLE DIGIT. Part Number Key. TOS5161.