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Sep 19, 1983 - Pco2, and pH with an Instrumentation Laboratory, Inc. (Lexington,. MA) Blood Gas Machine, model 513. AAaPO2 was calculated by using the...

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Mar 2, 1994 - expansion of hematopoietic cells belonging to the malignant clone resulting from unregulated proliferation of hematopoietic progenitors ( 1). In addition, greatly increased numbers of circu- lating progenitors are seen as a result of th

Oct 19, 1983 - Department ofMechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139. Abstract. The relationships between fluid shear stress, a physiologically relevant mechanical force inthe circulatory system, a

Sep 7, 1976 - The ESF used in these experiments was purchased from. Connaught Laboratories (Toronto, Canada) ... 5% C02-95% air, tissue culture incubator (Napco Industries,. Inc. Portland, Oreg.). After a 48-h incubation, the clots were.

bit anti-PFR antiserum (but not nonimmune or PFR-neutral- ized anti-PFR antiserum) was incubated ... berlite XAD-2, monobasic and dibasic potassium phosphate (KPO4) were from Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis ..... OVA to control the experimentwise error

performed on blood units preserved in acid-citrate-dex- trose (ACD) ..... levels occurred by the 6th wk of storage. In aliquots of blood stored without any substrate. ("citrate" units), there was a fall in GSH by 4 wk to. 3 Paired t test. ._. E i ao.

function, myocardial blood flow, and metabolism were not significantly affected. After 12 oz, there was a pro- ... of ethanol may itself adversely affect cardiac function, we havestudied a series of alcoholic subjects ..... cardiomyopathy, do not rev

for HHV-8 (5 -AGC, CGA, AAG, GAT, TCC, ACC, ATT-3 , and. 5 -TCC. GTG, TTG, TCT, ACG, TCC, AGA-3 ) or for -actin. (5 -GAG, GAG, CAC, CCC, GTG, CTG, CTG, A-3 and 5 -CTA, ... Phone: 212-263-5314; FAX: 212-263-7933. Received for publication 15 December 1

The rapid activation of the endocytic pathway upon stimulation of neutrophils allowed us to visu- alize the de novo formation and maturation of multivesicu- lar bodies. Our observations suggest that vesicles containing ion pumps and acid hydrolases f

Nov 16, 1981 - This was in contrast to the results obtained with .... chromatography. These samples yielded identical results to those obtained from material chromatographed within 7 d of venipuncture, which had ..... the data from this experiment in

corroborated when they observed that sys- temic administration of a GUCY2C agonist reduced food intake in wild-type mice but not GUC2YC-deficient mice.

Mar 2, 1983 - quential decarboxylation of coproporphyrinogen to ... porphyrinogen are decarboxylated and oxidized to yield the ..... Such a mechanism may.

Other (?). IO\. Opa vanants. ARE-. Tbp. ~0. Figure 1. Gonococcal attachment and adaptation. Gonococci dem- onstrate constitutive expression of several outer membrane (OM) structures during growth in vitro or in vivo, .... tions ofC7 and C9 molecules

Feb 2, 2008 - ... Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA. .... Whereas Epo is best known for ...

Sep 22, 1992 - described calcium-dependent (C-type) animal lectins (6) sparked an .... be found, as in the integrin and immunoglobulin superfami- lies, no other ...... monocyte receptor on herpes virus-infected endothelial cells. Proc. Natl.

diabetes inadequately controlled by metformin monotherapy. Diabetes Care. 2010;33(7):1516–1522. 22. De Bosscher K. Selective clucocorticoid recep- tor modulators. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2010;. 120(2–3):96–104. in Cushing syndrome: basic an

315:641-647. 7. Old, L. J. 1985.Science (Wash. DC). 230:630-632. 8. Pennica, D., G. E. Nedwin, J. S. Hayflick, P. H. Seeburg, R. De- rynck, M. A. Palladino, W.J. Kohr, B. B. Aggarwal, and D. V. Goeddel. 1984. Nature (Lond.). .... Invest. 75:2030-2037

ment of various increments concerned in the fibrinolytic system, including trypsin inhibitor and specific antibodies, which have been employed in this study. In the study of patients it ... This article is essentially limited to findings that are per

patient did careful clinical evaluation reveal evidence of any other disorder associated with protein-losing gastroenteropa- thy (1), and in particular other gastroenteropathies asso- ciated with lymphocytopenia (Whipple's disease, regional enteritis

recently have GWAS and autopsy studies indicated that T2D is also due in large part to inadequate numbers of functional pan- creatic β cells. Thus, pancreatic β cell dys- function and/or deficiency underlie both major forms of diabetes mellitus (DM

Mar 21, 1988 - caused a numerical rise in [Ca2+]i (0.05 < P < 0. IO). This was followed by a steady and continuous decline in the ensuing 30 min, similar to the nonperfused time-control tubules (Fig. 2). Estimates ofthe contribution by bath Ca. The t

the metabolism of leucine is not an important stim- ulus to insulin release and hypoglycemia after administration of leucine. On the other hand, plasma levels of leucine rose promptly after intravenous administration of this amino acid (1). These inc

Jun 27, 1994 - Address correspondence to Dr. Guorong Xu, GI Lab (15A), VA Medi- .... thin-layer chromatography, and mevalonolactone quantitated by liquid ... Results. Measurements of plasma cholesterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol levels in rats treated

Methods. Materials. EDTA, urea, poly-L-proline, cyanogen bromide-activated. Sepharose, leupeptin, and protein A and G agarose were purchased from Sigma Chemical ... pared by a technique that combined chelation of divalent cations with ... samples spo

Dec 6, 1993 - Efforts to ascertain whether changes in filtration slit fre- quency or other factors can account for the ... explain changes in k in an experimental rat model ofglomerular injury, suggesting that it might be useful in .... frequency of