Immune System Story KEY Character in Story Part in Immune System

Immune System Story KEY. Character in. Story. Part in Immune. System. Role in Immune System. Spiky Intruder. /Friend. Pathogen. Start immune response;...

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Story of the Immune System KEY a. b. c. 1. invades the house & makes owners take care of it pathogen ... called security company and the police helper T cells.

a. Function in Story b. Part in Immune Response c. Function in Immune Response. 1. spiky intruders. 2. house & owners. 3. security company. 4. marking paint. 5. paint sprayers. 6. guards. 7. dog. 8. intruder's spike. 9. dispatcher. 10. police. Parts

Character in Story a. Function in Story b. Part in Immune Response c. Function in Immune Response. 1. spiky intruders. 2. house & owners. 3. security company.

It was anything but safe inside the house. The owners of the house sensed that help was just outside and they battled with the spiky intruder, ripping a piece of his shirt off. They immediately hung the ripped shirt in the window. Neighbors saw the s

Once upon a time, there was a spiky intruder who liked to invade houses, live in them, ... a barbed wire fence surrounding a security company, and was trapped.

Immune System Study Guide KEY. 1. microbes cause infectious diseases. 2. bacteria, protists, fungi, viruses. 3. a. they cannot perform chemical reactions; b. they cannot reproduce on their own. 4. They invade host cells & trick them into making new v

The immune system protects the body from "germs" and other harmful ...... are intentionally released or spread and have the potential to cause disease epi-.

In fact, it is the single most important defense of the body against pathogens. It forms a physical barrier. 2 .... inflammatory response. A complex biological reaction to tissue damage; one of the first responses of the immune system to infection ..

Period: ______. Biology Notes: Immune System. Directions: Fill in the blanks as we cover the topic in the PowerPoint. Corresponds to textbook pages 940-948 & 955-956. History of Medicine. Pathogens. • Defined: ...

popular board game. The game challenges 1-4 players to stop the spread of a deadly disease by vaccinating and treating people. The game is not only fun. It also teaches players ... of group immunity and the importance of vaccinations at the populatio

How do vaccines help you build immunity? Describe for both B cells and T cells. Be specific. 9. Identify each system's involvement in the immune response and include specific examples of structures or how each accomplishes its function. System. Funct

26. How does the heat in a fever kill pathogens? 27. Which defense traps pathogens? 28. Which defense breaks up pathogens, rendering them useless? 29. Why is the inflammatory response good? Types of Specific Defenses. 30. Which defense targets antige

specific defense that uses T cells. 15. swelling and redness; response to tissue damage. 16. chemical released by mast cells that causes an inflammatory response. 17. B cells that produce more antibody after antibody binds to antigen. 18. any foreign

Disease Worksheet l. What are the 5 types of pathogens? 2. Which type of diseases cannot be spread from person to person? 3. Describe the structure of a ... What type of virus enters cells and immediately starts reproducing and kills the cells? 2. ..

Immune System Internet Lesson. Directions: Answer ... List 4 jobs of complement proteins. a. ... 24. What is the job of receptors on the surface of lymphocytes?

May 2, 2003 - can be detected in primitive organisms, and elements of these mechanisms are built upon in an orderly way to ... Three aspects of the immune system contain elements of self-assembly: the innate immune response, the ..... nize portions o

Biology Notes: The Immune System. History of Medicine. • Germ Theory: Pathogens. • Defined: that cause disease. – Viruses: turn cells into. making factories. – Bacteria: prokaryotes that can release. – Fungi: cells and absorb the. – Proto

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Explain how the inflammatory response and nonspecific leukocytes help fight pathogens that enter the body. Vocabulary ... The immune system protects the body from worms, germs, and other agents of harm. ...... 2. James Gathany/Centers for Disease Con

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Lung host defense. A first line of defense against pathogen- ic insult is called the innate immune system, which is fol- lowed by acquired immune responses associated with acti- vation of T and B ... One of the best characterized families of antimicr

The Skin– Provides an impervious barrier to pathogens. Mucous membranes – Line the entrances to the body such as in the respiratory tract entrances. Mucus produced by these membranes traps foreign particles and directs them out of the body. Hairs

Mar 30, 2018 - Maintenance of mammalian tissue homeostasis and function requires coordinated actions of multiple cel- lular and molecular networks. This.

Cancer Treatment and Prevention. 24.4.2 Air .... (Reality: The single study that led to this myth was later shown to be fraudulent. Many other .... of questions. Allow class time for groups to share what they learn in a PowerPoint presentation.