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Sep 21, 2017 - Where appropriate, the earnings per share (EPS), as disclosed in thestatutory accounts, have been recalculated to take account of ...

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Sep 14, 2017 - and the potential for advantageous investments, the board has decided to ... the company is again considering seeking a rule 9. 'whitewash', under UK City ...... were closed in the previous year, five were classified as held for sale a

Mar 15, 2018 - 2 As defined in note 9 to the interim financial statements and our accounting policies, as disclosed in the company's annual report for the year ended 30 ..... processed coffee. The customs union is not a free trade area. It would be p

Sep 14, 2018 - economic trends and business risks. 4. The annual report and financial statements 2018 has been published on the ... key aspects of our performance during that period. .... Over the last 12 years, my shareholding has increased from 21.

Sep 13, 2018 - ANNUAL REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2018. 1 ...... Fees payable for the audit of the financial statements. 167. 197 ..... the development costs of our SAP accounting system, our 'Wisdom' ..... and licensing.

Mar 10, 2016 - fdfdfds. 2 INTERIM REPORT 2016. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS. Before exceptional items. Revenue £790.3m. (2015: £744.4m). +6.2%. Like-for-like sales. +2.9%. Operating profit £49.4m ..... The report of the auditors, on those accounts, was un

Mar 10, 2016 - View this report online: ..... 1 Free cash flow is a measure not required by accounting standards; a definition is provided in our accounting ..... The majority of intangible assets relates to computer software and development. 13.

fdfdfds. 9 INTERIM REPORT 2017. CASH FLOW STATEMENT FOR THE 26 WEEKS ENDED 22 JANUARY 2017. 1 Free cash flow is a measure not required by accounting standards; a definition is provided in our accounting policies. J D Wetherspoon plc, company number:

Jan 18, 2012 - We have a number of sites under development and, in line with ... previously stated, pubs pay VAT on food, whereas supermarkets do not, and ...

Nov 8, 2012 - Annual General Meeting later today, announces its Interim Management. Statement, as required by the FSA's Disclosure and Transparency Rules. Current trading. In the first quarter (13 weeks to 28 October 2012), like-for-like sales increa

Nov 4, 2009 - JD Wetherspoon plc ('JD Wetherspoon' or the 'Company'), which is holding its Annual ... money-off vouchers to most households in the UK.

Nov 4, 2010 - JD Wetherspoon plc ('JD Wetherspoon' or the 'Company'), which is holding its ... JD Wetherspoon owns and operates pubs throughout the UK.

We currently expect the operating margin for the half year ending 27 January 2013 to be around 8.2%, approximately 1.1% lower than the last financial year, due ...

The current tax system, whereby pubs pay 20%. VAT on food sales, while supermarkets pay virtually nothing, is bad for jobs and taxes. The overall level of taxes ...

Jul 24, 2013 - The Company has opened 29 new pubs and sold three since the start of the financial year. In our final results ... (but overall excise duty increased). However, the late night levy, machine gaming duty and business rates taxes ... Visit

Jan 21, 2015 - For the first 12 weeks of the second quarter (to 18 January 2015), like-for-like sales increased by 2.8% and total sales by 6.8%. Like-for-like sales slowed to approximately 2% in December and have slowed further in the last fortnight.

For the 13 weeks to 22 April 2012, like-for-like sales increased by 2.0%. ... Property. The Company has opened 29 new pubs and closed two pubs, since the start of ... economic problems for many high streets in Britain and Northern Ireland.

Jan 22, 2014 - J D Wetherspoon owns and operates pubs throughout the UK. ... totaling £400 million, which will run from July 2018 to July 2021 at a fixed rate ...

Jul 24, 2013 - sales will be required in order to overcome these costs. The biggest ... JD Wetherspoon owns and operates pubs throughout the UK. The.

May 8, 2013 - For the 13 weeks to 28 April 2013, like-for-like sales increased by 6.3% and total sales increased by 9.3%. In the year to date (39 weeks to 28 April 2013), like-for-like sales increased by 6.7%, and total sales increased by 10.1%. We e

Jan 22, 2014 - We expect the operating margin (before any exceptional items), for the half year ending 26 January 2014, to be around 8.1%, 0.2% lower than the same period last year, due primarily to increased investment in a number of areas, for exam

Dec 29, 2016 - YEOVIL STAR GAZER 4.0% ABV. Yeovil Ales Brewery, Somerset. Est. 2006. This copper-coloured bitter is generously late-hopped, providing a ...

This full-bodied ruby-coloured beer delivers a delicious chocolate and toffee malt ... This classic beer is a deep ruby colour, rich in fruit cake aromas, with hints of ...

pubs, a higher tax charge, timing differences in respect of payments ... increased by 17% to £46.3 million (2006: £39.7 million) and profit before tax by 20% to £32.9 ..... the auditors. A copy of the review report is included at the end of this r

Our bonus system, based partly on profits and partly on standards vetted by mystery visitors, the Egon Ronay organisation and our own environmental health consultants, resulted in record bonuses of £7.2 million in the ... favour the retention of mag