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information technology and business process outsourcing, global ... my entire career. It was extremely complicated, involving simultaneous negotiation...

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Divers[email protected] & Strawn is published periodically for Winston & Strawn attorneys, clients, and friends. Executive editor: Amanda Groves (Partner, San Francisco office, (415) 591-1409). Managing editor: Paula Tsurutani (Business Development, Chicag

Mr. Baker as one of the nation's 40 best ERISA attorneys and Chambers. USA (2007–2011) describes him as “an ERISA ... class involving alleged losses to defined contribution plan accounts has become more difficult. In LaRue, the US .... The Spano

to the .XXX TLD for hosting adult entertainment websites.” Plaintiffs' efforts were stymied by their own complaint when they alleged that Manwin's own YouPorn.com was the most popular free adult video website on the Internet. Thus, since the releva

until 2015 certain vessels unloading oil in bulk at a deepwater port or offloading in lightering activities within an established lightering zone more than 60 miles off- shore. as a practical matter, the use of single-hull tank vessels in the U.s. is

ington policymakers on most subjects in advance of the midterm elections, Congress enacted into law a ... that the Coast guard “must have command-and-control and mis- sion support structures that ... this provision does not resolve all the issues s

We believe our active dedication to diversity will ... and excellence can both be served by aggressively recruiting the best, both upon graduation and laterally, from a diverse international talent pool which meets the firm's high standards and then

Tests used by courts and enforcement agencies for ... Settlement of $97 million for independent “freelancers” hired under independent ..... Would create a new federal offense for intentional and unintentional contractor misclassification. ○. In

litigation concerning vitamin price-fixing. □. Defendants sought a motion for a protective order to bar ... District court orders production of a German phone book containing work/home telephone numbers of German employees. □ .... Protection Dire

ILLINOIS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. The Constitution of the State of Illinois broadly declares that “[g]eneral admin- istrative and supervisory authority over all courts is vested in the Supreme Court.”1 Il- linois Supreme Court Rule 383 provides the

to a new wave of investigations into whether fraudulent or actionable conduct lies at the heart of recent ... In those situations, a creditors' committee, al- though representative to a degree, may not be able to provide timely .... conducted the cri

my interest in government contract law dates back to my years at law school in Washington, D.C. While I focused from ... law school summer and found the interplay of sovereign immunity and contract law fascinating. ... sales both to the government an

certification. □ Pleading compulsory counterclaims. □ Showing a class action is not the superior method of adjudication under Rule 23(b)(3) through: ○ Voluntary refund programs ... Apple, Inc., 672 F. Supp. 2d 978. (N.D. Cal. 2009). □ “Some

Mar 24, 2010 - The issuer of the bond or security is wrapped by the rating of the insurer, making it cheaper for a company or municipality to raise funds. B fit. □. Benefits: ○. Insurer: stable profits from a market that historically almost never

infringement. Patents were directed to international text messaging. Won summary judgment of non- infringement, which was affirmed on appeal. • Vehicle IP v. General Motors, et al. Represented GM in defense of charges of patent infringement for its

very often, look out of their office windows and see many of the companies that drive the US economy. Silicon .... 2p, 2a, 2c. Panasonic, Toshiba, SanDisk, ChiMei,. T-Mobile, The United States Golf Association .... also preparing for trial against se

Bankruptcy's Catch-22. For the past five years, the DOL has harassed and harried any bankruptcy trustee who attempted to use the abandoned plan rule. 2. Commendably, the DOL's announcement returns the abandoned plan rule to where it belongs—the lan

Oct 15, 2012 - C. § 102(b). (7), the Court of Chancery held the case over for trial.(25). The Court of Chancery's Ruling ..... Martin Marietta and Vulcan are the two largest construction aggregates companies in the United States. ...... and that the

count a law known as the “Jones Act,” which can have a substantial impact on project timing and costs. The Jones Act requires the use of US- built vessels owned and operated by US citizens and manned by US citizens in certain circumstances. Under

42% of respondents have a tool to collect and preserve data from the cloud or from .... Technology Assisted. Reviews. • Process approach to review to increase efficiency, recall and precision, using legally accepted tool sets: • Threading. • Ne

Nov. 3, the Securities and Ex- change Commission (the “SEC”) published proposed Regulation 21F (the. “Proposed Rules”), establishing a pro- gram designed to reward individuals who provide the SEC with information leading to successful enforce

sponsored messages posted through Twitter's social media platform. Furthermore, the complaint calls into question the use of LET YOUR AD MEET. TWEETS as a trademark. At most,. Twitter argued, LET YOUR AD. MEET TWEETS, was a descriptive statement, des

Nestled in and around the high-tech hub of Silicon Valley, antitrust lawyers and law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area have a front-row seat for some of .... Facebook, Cisco, SuccessFactors, Diamond. Foods, Tropos, Craft Edge ... The O'Melveny team

attorney review f. • Uses attorneys to develop a seed set of data that can be fed into a black box to find similar documents relevance criteria through integrative ECA .... reviewers. Less Cost. Less Errors documents across reviewers. ▫ Documents

error in one of the joint venture agreements during the drafting process. But rather than alert plaintiffs of the .... Vice Chancellor Glasscock, in a letter opinion, held that Edmond D. Costantini (“Costantini”), a former ..... concluded; and (i