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The installation position of the dishwasher should be near the exist- ing inlet and drain hoses and power cord. One side of the cabinet sink should be...

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1 The air conditioner must be plugged into its own specific power source, which must be ... 0 The dealer from whom you'purchased the air conditioner. .... The design and shape are subject to change. Air outlet. Inner airflow blades (right/left orien

ual are for explanatory purposes only. Your air conditioner may be slightly different. UNIT STRUCTURE. 4. "7 4&2;&/.F. > .;&;DF .&;F 3;05F. C% ?8;F 08#F. &. ... For example: • First, set the Timer On or Timer Off function as per above. • Wait thr

Para recibir servicio técnico debe mostrar el recibo original. Número de modelo: Número de serie: Fecha de la compra: NECESITA AYUDA. Antes de solicitar servicio, hayalgunas cosas que puede hacer para ayudarnos a servirle mejor… Lea este manual:

Welcome to the Danby family. We are proud of our quality products, and we believe in dependable service, like you will find in this Owner's Use and Care Guide, and like you will receive from our friendly customer service department. Best of all, you

ente. No empalme el cable. Antes de conectar el aparato a la fuente de energía eléctrica, déjelo desconectado en posición vertical aproximadamente. 24 horas; esto reducirá la posibilidad de desperfectos en el sistema de enfriamiento debido a la

Para acceder a la garantía se solicitará un comprobante de compra; por lo tanto, guarde su recibo. En caso de necesitar servicio de garantía, presente ese documento al TALLER DE SERVICIO AUTORIZADO. Servicio de Garantía. Servicio en Domicilio. Da

A This symbol denotes a caution or warning. A CAUTION A. Do not leave this unit ... responsibility to have the wiring and fuses checked by a qualified electrician to make sure adequate electrical power is available. This appliance is ..... 5) Use for

OWNER'S MANUAL. MANUEL. D'UTILISATION. Model • Modèle. DPAC1 0071. CAUTION: Read and follow all safety rules and operating instruc tions before ... Auto-Timer. Yes. Yes. Power Consumption: Cooling. 1280 Watts (11. 0 Amps). 1280 Watts (11. 0 Amps).

Sep 14, 2015 - No empalme el cordón de suministro eléctrico que viene incluido con este aparato. • Mantenga el cordón de suministro eléctrico alejado de las superficies calientes. • No sumerja el cordón, el enchufe ni el aparato en agua. •

purchased, or contact your nearest authorized Danby service depot, where service must be performed by a qualified service technician. If service is performed on the unit by anyone other than an authorized service depot, or the unit is used for commer

Time Delay Fuse. Plug Type. (or Circuit Breaker). IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. ELECTRICAL. SPECIFICATIONS. CAUTION: Do not leave this unit ... Always transport the unit in its upright position, and stand it on a stable, level surface during use. ...

Dec 22, 2015 - traerá felicidad en los años venideros. Por favor, visite www.danby.com para acceder a herramientas de autoservicio, preguntas frecuentes y más. En caso de necesitar asistencia adicional, por favor llame al 1-800-26-DANBY (1-800-263

Sep 14, 2015 - We know you're excited. We are too! However, the more familiar you are with your new appliance, the better experience you will have. We therefore strongly suggest that you read this Owner's Manual before plugging in your new appliance.

Dec 22, 2015 - We know you're excited. We are too! However, the more familiar you are with your new appliance, the better experience you will have. We therefore strongly suggest that you read this Owner's Manual before plugging in your new appliance.

4 Add forgotten dishes. 5 Close the door. 6 Press the start/reset button, the dishwasher will run after 10 seconds. AT THE END OF THE. WASH CYCLE. When the working cycle has finished, the buzzer will sound for 8 seconds, then stop. Turn off the appli

Jan 8, 2014 - models only). 1set. Drain hose. 1pc. NOTE: • Check all the accessories are included in the package and please refer to the installation instructions for their usage. NOTE: All the illustrations in this manual are for explanation purpo

Jan 4, 2007 - Remove exterior and interior packaging; wipe the outside thoroughly with a soft dry cloth and the inside with a wet, lukewarm cloth. Avoid placing the cabinet in a narrow recess or near any heat source, direct sunlight, or moisture. Let

REQUISITOS. ELÉCTRICOS. 14. Este artefacto debe ser conectado a tierra. En caso de un corto circuito eléctrico, la conexión a tierra reduce el riesgo de una descarga ... ADVERTENCIA: El uso inadecuado del enchufe de conexión a tierra puede result

Thank you for choosing a Generations appliance. This Owner's Use and Care Guide will provide you with important safety information and information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new appliance.Please read the important safety in

May 9, 2017 - cionando un cable de retorno para la corriente eléctrica. REQUISITOS ELÉCTRICOS. Debido a posibles variaciones en la línea de voltaje (ocasionadas por sobrecargas de circuitos), se recomienda instalar un circuito con fusible separado

Use un tomacorriente de pared exclusivo. No conecte su refrigerador a cordones de prolongación eléctrica o junto a cualquier otro electrodoméstico en el mismo tomacorriente de pared. No empalme cordón. ADVERTENCIA IMPORTANTE: Un refrigerador vaci

Check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main circuit breaker. If these seem to be operating properly, test the outlet with another appliance. C) Check to ensure that the control panel is programmed correctly and the timer is set. D) Check to ensu

May 9, 2017 - exists as to whether the appliance is properly grounded. DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION CORD. Use an exclusive 115V wall outlet. Do not connect your refrigerator to extension cords or together with another appliance in the same wall outlet. Do