Human Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony

Aug 20, 1986 - 60°C in a solution that contained I M NaCl, 1% sodium dodecyl sulfate. (SDS), 10% .... line to rGM-CSF, an initial concentration of 3...

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Apr 8, 1987 - Abbreviations usedin this paper: BFU-E, erythroid burst-forming ... myelogenous leukemia patients at a final dilution between 1:5,000 and.

Sep 21, 1992 - epsilon aminocaproic acid 1.5 mM, fibrinogen 1.3 mg/ml (Fibrinogen. Kabi, grade L; Kabi Diagnostica, Stockholm ... Data from three experiments, using LDMN cells containing. 0.49±0.10% CFU-E (98±20 ... Data from three experiments, wit

Nov 6, 1989 - compared to its effect on unpurified human marrow CFU-E. (mean purity 0.21%). Although growth of .... and were then fixed and stained with benzidine-hematoxylin as de- scribed by McLeod et al. (12). .... Means is an Associate Investigat

Jun 16, 1992 - MCSF. This increased adhesion of untreated monocytes to. MCSF-activated HUVEC was also blocked by the addition of anti-MCP-1. In contrast, experiments in which only THP-1 or peripheral blood monocytes, but not HUVEC, were treated with

K. Sawada, S. B. Krantz, J. S. Kans, E. N. Dessypris, S. Sawyer, A. D. Glick, and C. 1. Civin. Departments ofMedicine and Pathology, Vanderbilt University School ...

Mar 18, 1986 - dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the purified GM- ...... aspects of the production of superoxide radicals by phagocytizing ...

Apr 17, 1987 - J. S. Witek-Giannotti, A. C. Leary, R. Kriz, R. E. Donahue, G. G. Wong, and S. C. Clark. 1986. Human interleukin-3 (multi-CSF): identification by expression cloning ofa novel hematopoietic growth factor related to murine IL-3. Cell. 47

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Dec 23, 1990 - Department ofMedicine, *Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California 94305; *Veterans Administration Medical Center,. Palo Alto ..... lation producedcomparable degrees of NK-mediated cytotoxicity against the ... 200 U/ml Sl

Human Colony-forming Units-Erythroid Do Not Require Accessory Cells, but Do Require Direct Interaction with Insulin-like Growth Factor I and/or Insulin for Erythroid Development. K. Sawada, S. B. Krantz, E. N. Dessypris, S. T. Koury, and S. T. Sawyer

Jan 28, 1981 - Similarly, CSF I from human placenta, lung, urine, leu- ... Fractionation ofhuman bone marrow cells by sedimenta- tion at unit gravity.

Sep 5, 1972 - tensively studied and partially characterized chemically. (2). Naturally occurring inhibitors of its action have been identified (3). Since CSF stimulates and supports the growth of bone marrow granulocytes and macro- phages in semisoli

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