Calculus AB Most all of our resources can be found on our class website. We will work extensively with graphing calculators and our assessme...

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a. Exponential growth and decay b. Inverse functions. 1.4 Parametric Equations (Concepts worksheet 1.4 for graphic representation of parametric equations) a. Relations b. Circles and ellipses c. Lines and other curves. 1.5 Functions and Logarithms a.

outlined in the AP® Calculus AB Course Description is covered. Additional ... Unit 3: Differential Calculus (6 weeks) .... In addition, MAPLE software is used.

Partial fractions. 6.3. The cylindrical shell method of finding volumes of solids of revolution. 2.4. The definition of limits using ε and δ [introduce topic, but do not ...

including graphing calculators and computer software, is an integral part .... a good option – the CAS stands for a computer algebra system which the. CX does ...

both the work force and/or post secondary studies. The main objective for our AP ... The date of the AP exam is mentioned and included on the student syllabus on the first day of school. Hard work is .... turn in by a certain date. This allows them t

Solve the initial value problem explicitly. 3) dy dx. 5ex g cos x and y 1 when x 0. A) y 5ex g sin x g 4. B) y 5ex g sin x l 1. C) y 5exl1 g sin x l 1. D) y 5ex l sin x g 4.

provide useful geometrical and analytic information but they cannot substitute for a basic understanding of calculus or fundamental ... Visualizing limits. D. Continuity. 1. Continuous functions. 2. Discontinuous functions a. Removable discontinuity

My main objective in teaching AP® Calculus is to enable students to receive ... cover everything in the Calculus AB topic outline as it appears in the AP® Course.

Hints for AP Calculus Students. 1. Do not simplify your answers. You will receive full credit and save time. 2. If you think you have a better solution, cross out the ...

Students will develop their understanding of Calculus in ... It is a requirement that all students who complete this course take the AB level Advanced Placement ...

Big Idea 2: Derivatives. - Instantaneous rate of change. - Slope of a tangent. - Analyze graph of functions. - Rectilinear motion. - Definitions of derivative.

(1) The exact numerical value of the correct answer does not always appear among the ..... answers should be accurate to three places after the decimal point.

will be more than prepared for future math courses. ... 5th six weeks: Further Applications of Integrations, Transcendental Functions, .... this outside of class. This allows them lots of independent practice with all the shortcuts and new rules. Opt

Calculus helps scientists, engineers, and financial analysts understand the complex relationships behind real- world phenomena. The equivalent of an introductory ... Lesson 1: Intro to Calculus. Lesson 2: Functions. Lesson 3: Graphical ... Lesson 2:

Express the area of a rectangle as a function of its width if the width is 25% of its length. Let L and W represent .... 26 , Which ONE of the following is an equation of a circle with center (2,-4) passing through the point (0–8)? -. (A) (x-2}+ (y

Mar 30, 2018 - AP Released Test. April 14 ... You will need to sign up for a single sitting practice test after school on either: Thurs 4/23, Fri 4/24 ... AP Biology &.

Chapter 4. 4A Matrix Operations. 4-1 Matrices and Data. 4-2 Multiplying Matrices. 4-3 Using Matrices to Transform. Geometric Figures. 4B Using Matrices to Solve ..... 4. 3. 1. 0. 9. ⎤. ⎦. = ⎡. ⎢ ⎣. 8. 8. 11. 8. 0. 9. ⎤. ⎦. 31. Write Abo

Express the area of a rectangle as a function of its width if the width is 25% of its length. Let L and W represent .... 26 , Which ONE of the following is an equation of a circle with center (2,-4) passing through the point (0–8)? -. (A) (x-2}+ (y

Students should be able to work with functions represented in a variety of ways: ... Free- response questions as well as multiple-choice practice questions ... Inverse functions. D. Parametric Equations. E. Trigonometric functions. 1. Graphs of basic

Week of September 19, 2011 “A” Week. Do not fall behind on homework. Make staying current your top priority! The Calculus Club Meetings are one more place ...

Systems. 4-4 Determinants and Cramer's Rule. 4-5 Matrix Inverses and Solving. Systems. Lab Use Spreadsheets with Matrices. 4-6 Row Operations and Augmented. Matrices. Ext Networks and ... two or three variables) by substitution, with graphs, or with

The volume of a cone of radius r and height h is given by hr π ... the time that the radius is 10 centimeters, find the rate of change ( in cubic ... A container has the shape of an open right circular cone, as shown in the figure ... (non calc) 07A

Notebook Paper (if spiral, then w/ perforated edge). 3. 4-AAA batteries ... Absolutely no headphones, IPODS/MP3 devices, phones, gaming systems, etc… during.

more than 20 passengers, his route takes him 20 minutes plus 1 minute for every passenger. (Lesson 9-2) a. Write a piecewise function for the amount of time that Patrick's route requires. b. Graph the function. c. How long ...... section of the parab